Instamojo Product Updates: What Were We Up To?

Instamojo product Updates June
(Last Updated On: January 22, 2021)

While the country is busy gearing up for the slightly confusing Goods and Services Tax (GST), we at Instamojo have been constantly trying to make our product simpler. We improved some features and added a few new ones to give you a greater product experience.

Here’s what we were up to over the last couple months:


We recently released our iOS SDK. Being a native SDK, this allows sellers to customize the look of the checkout and provide a smoother native payment experience in their apps. With Android and iOS, Instamojo can be natively integrated across all major mobile platforms.

Uniform pricing

All our major payment methods are now priced at 2% + ₹3 and available by default to all sellers.  Any new payment methods added will be available to all sellers by default – you need not subscribe to any app or make any changes to avail the new methods. Check it out on our payment gateway charges in India.

Automatic Sales Export

Sellers do reconciliation of their sales by downloading .csv files from various sources and comparing sales/payments/orders. The Automatic Sales Export app sends sellers a .csv export of their sales at a frequency of their choice – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly.

This saves them the trouble of visiting the dashboard just for a download. Learn more here.

API Updates

Enable/Disable a Payment request

Sellers now have a switch to enable/disable a payment request.

Docs: Disable request endpoint, Enable request endpoint

Payment request expiry

Sellers can set an expiry time (upto. 10 mins) for payment requests.

The payment request will automatically disable itself once the expiry time is up. This helps sellers with time-sensitive inventory (like ticket booking) safely reallocate inventory if buyers do not complete the payment.

Docs: See new expires_at parameter when creating a request.

Fetch Payment details (without Request ID)

Our payment details API had the requirement of asking for the request ID as well as the payment ID.

We’ve removed the former requirement making it easier for developers to fetch details of a payment.

Docs: Get Payment details

Instapay Button

We made a minor tweak to our Store design. The button to pay the seller has been removed as it was being mistaken as a cart button by users.

Bank Reference number on Case page

Tracking a refund is one of the major pain points for both buyers and sellers. To help buyers expedite the refund process by contacting their bank, we will be making the Bank reference number of every refund available to sellers and buyers on the case page as soon as it is available to us.

We’ll always keep adding interesting things on our platform. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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