6 Instamojo Tools and Plugins Your Business Needs

Instamojo Tools and plugins and Plugins
(Last Updated On: March 1, 2023)
We have developed unique products, tools and plugins for our merchants over the years. We ensure it is constantly updated to suit your needs too.
But it looks like you still have not heard of some of these Instamojo plugins and tools that could help you scale your business to the top.
In this blog, we will show you the top 5 Instamojo tools and plugins you can use for your business growth once you set up an account on our platform.

Instamojo Bubble for Android app

Recently launched for the android app on Instamojo, the Instamojo bubble is simply a chat icon that hangs idly by the side of your screen so you need not constantly open the app to do the following:

Instamojo Payment Link

Looking for a quick payment link to allow your customers to pay you in just 2 minutes? You can create payment links on Instamojo to send to your customers as fast as 1..2..3! You can generate:

#1 – Quick linkspayment links to quickly share with your customers, along with the purpose of payment

#2 – Smart links – Generate custom payment links, set expiry dates for the links, and you can even allow customers to change the amount.

Create your payment links 

WooCommerce/WordPress Plugin

Did you know that Instamojo has a WordPress plugin along with woo-commerce that allows customers to pay you on the platform?

Here is how you can install the plugin and get it working:

  1. Make sure you’ve installed the WooCommerce plugin and it is activated. This plugin will not work without WooCommerce.
  2. Search for ‘Instamojo Payment Gateway for WooCommerce’ on the WordPress Plugin directory or download it here.
  3. Install the plugin and activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Embed Payment Button

One of the most popular Instamojo tools is the embed pay button our customers use to collect payments. With the Instamojo pay button, you can collect payments by designing your custom-made payment button.

If you have an Instamojo account, you can use our new and improved pay button to collect payments, with no developer assistance. Some of the added benefits of the Instamojo pay button include:

  • Optimizes your website
  • Enhanced and easy to use graphics features
  • Image and Content Description above pay button

Instamojo Zapier Tool

Are you looking to automate business tasks that would normally take hours to do manually? You can now integrate Zapier, a premier automation tool with Instamojo. Zapier allows you to connect two or more apps/software to get the desired results. Here’s How to Use Instamojo with Zapier Workflows

At Instamojo, we give complete control of data to businesses on the platform. You can get access to:

  • Data (email and phone number) of customers completing payments or purchase on Instamojo
  • Customers dropping off payments or a purchase
  • Geography and demography data
  • Sales and turnover data for your business
  • Unique lifetime customers data
  • Gross sales volume data, and much more

zapier instamojo integration

How to integrate Zapier with Instamojo 

Bonus – Get learning resources from mojoVersity

Along with our varied Instamojo tools and plugins, we have also developed a product that will help every business scale and grow faster. If this year has taught us anything, it is the importance for every entrepreneur to upskill!

mojoVersity is one such product that benefits all businesses. India’s first-ever exclusive e-learning platform for MSMEs, mojoVersity offers:

  1. Free business courses on the platform crafted in collaboration with LegalWizDeAsraDomination Labs and more
  2. Certificates at the successful completion of every course
  3. Personal anecdotes and tips from industry experts

Over 500 businesses have used mojoVersity to grow their business. What about you?


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