Introducing Custom Fields

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2021)

We have been working tirelessly to make Instamojo more flexible and powerful to help you sell your wares online easily without complexities or unnecessary fuss. On that, we have released host of features in the past like analytics, discounts, pay what you want etc.

Today, we are once again adding another smart feature which would let you capture additional information about your customers in the checkout process — Introducing Custom Fields.

With “custom fields”, now you should be able to collect more information from your customers. These fields will be part of the checkout form along with already existing name, email and phone-number fields which are already included in the checkout form.

To add custom fields, just click “custom field” for each offer; either from your dashboard or respective offer pages. Screenshot below:

build products

Below screenshot will help you understand how you can add custom fields to each checkout form and thus prompting customers to add them while checkout.

how to add products

After a successful sale, you would receive all the text entered in the custom fields in your sale receipt for your future reference.

A lot of interesting features are on their way which would make Instamojo much more flexible and powerful to you. Do let me know your feedback & contact as always.

  1. is there any options to send array in custom fields ?
    i’m sending base64_encode(serialize(array)) in url but cant get that in my webhook. on the webhook, i’m getting string fields but not the encoded array field value. correct me if i’m wrong

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