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(Last Updated On: March 2, 2021)

Today we are very excited to introduce “Discounts”. Discount offers have always been one of the most sought after feature in Instamojo.

discount code

Now Instamojo brings you the ability to create discounts – either by sharing unique URL with your audience or by letting your buyer punch-in a unique discount code in the checkout page. Here’s screenshot:


how to use discount code


instamojo discount code

You can create as many discount codes for your product, and use them for various reasons like

  • boost sales by running a discount scheme for your product(s).
  • incentives for purchase in some cases like early bird, pre booking or other offers.
  • have loyalty benefits by giving discounts to existing customers.

Q. How can I get started on creating discounts?

Ans: You can start creating discounts by clicking on “discount code” option on your offer page or from your dashboard page.

Q. Does this mean that everyone will come to know that I’m giving out discounts?

Ans: Absolutely not! We give you the option to make them public or private. What that means is that in case of publicly visible discounted offers, all users will see a field for discount code on your product page. But in case of privately visible ones, there will be no such field and they can avail the discount only using the link that you share with them.

how to create a discount code on Instamojo

As always, reach out to us any time and help us spread the Mojo!

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