LeadsGuru: This ed-tech brand is making education and skilling accessible

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2023)

Cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata are bursting at the seams. Tier 1 cities like these have the best-in-class infrastructure, resources, and educational facilities. People from all over the emigrate come to these cities to build a better life for themselves. 

But why should they? 

Ajay Singh, an entrepreneur based out of Jaipur, wanted his state to become more self-sufficient. His online e-Learning platform – LeadsGuru caters to an audience that needs skilling in relevant industries holding up today’s economy.  

Here’s a look at the brand’s steep growth trajectory. 

A little about the founder – Ajay 

An entrepreneur always has certain things that lend themselves motivation. For Ajay?  That motivation comes from his family. He grew up watching his parents try their best to provide Ajay with whatever educational opportunities they could afford. 

Their integrity and dedication motivated Ajay to do something that has higher returns for himself, his parents and his society. 

While working at a sim selling stall, Ajay slowly started understanding the business potential of online digital skilling and affiliate marketing. After careful market research and evaluation, he chose a model that made the most business sense. 

Let’s break it down – 

What exactly is Leadsguru?

LeadsGuru is a leading Ed-tech platform that provides upskilling for various demanding and high-paying skills. These are skills that every student and working professional can learn to enhance their personal and business growth.

LeadsGuru also started an affiliate program for its enrolled members as an additional earning opportunity.

What is affiliate marketing? 

It’s a type of marketing where affiliates receive a commission for each sale that they generate for the original owner of the product.

Why did Leadsguru choose to sell digital products online? 

This ed-tech brand chose a commodity that is HIGHLY relevant in today’s economy – Digital marketing courses. Ajay wanted to sell courses online that would widen the scope of employment.

The target audience of LeadsGuru was originally the youth of Rajasthan. Today, their target audience encompasses the rural population and young people across the nation. 

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Why online affiliate marketing? 

Online affiliate marketing would also give an additional side income to people who are in dire need. It would also have a higher ROI, considering the products need a one-time investment.

The sellers or buyers would also not be restricted to a particular geographical area for commerce. 

Here are some unique selling points of LeadsGuru that leave its competitors behind according to its founder: 

  1. “Our customers deserve the best customer service” 
  2. “I believe in quantity + quality. This is why our commission percentage is as high as 90%. Since our quality of videos is that high, we are confident that a high number of affiliates would also be eager to cross-sell our products.” 
  3. “We engage in same-day payouts. Affiliates do not have to wait til the end of a lengthy period for the realisation of their commissions.” 

“We alo work with the Instamojo payment gateway. We have seen a much higher payment success rate than other industry players. And its support team is a dream to work with.”

How does LeadsGuru develop its courses? 

Ajay carefully curated the first course himself to test the waters. After this, he onboarded skilled educators to make these video modules that could be sold as combo packages. 

In the future, Ajay wants to build an Edutech aggregator platform where educators can participate in the affiliate model of marketing by contributing their own made videos, and also earning royalties in the process.

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5 things Ajay Singh has learnt as an entrepreneur 

LeadsGuru today has 1 Lakh students who are building their lives with the skills they gain from this Edutech platform. 

“LeadsGuru is my fifth family member. That’s how I take care of it, listen to its needs and help nurture and grow it. I have definitely made a lot of mistakes in the process, but there’s a lot I have been able to learn too” 

Market SWOT analysis 

“Market analysis will give you the tools to demolish the competition. Identify the weaknesses of your competitors and become better. Monitor their strengths and learn from them.”

Quality vs. Quantity 

“Some entrepreneurs have the tendency to drop prices to encourage market penetration. I strongly believe, if your product is up to the mark, you do not need to slash prices. The price should reflect the quality and effort being put into the course videos.” 

Customer service 

“The only reason D2C brands will succeed today is if they can make the life of their customers easier. That is the ONLY money-making hack that you need to know.” 

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Plan, plan, plan

“As an entrepreneur, you should have solid short-term plans, long-term plans, overarching goals and a brand vision. Without these, you are just a freelancer looking to earn some money.” 

Learning opportunities 

“Every new environment is a learning opportunity for me. Whether it is a business trip to another country or a wedding event that I attend. Everything has the capability of teaching you a new way of improving your business.” 

What should we look forward to? 

“Reaching the one millionth student milestone”

Ajay is also looking at an omnichannel presence of his brand with an intention of setting up an educational hub for students in the short term. 

That is Ajay’s roof shot. What is his moonshot?

“Can you think of leading digital marketing educational institutes in Tier 2 cities in India? Or for that matter, anywhere? I want to start an educational revolution in India. I want to set up these institutes that will help every section of society learn relevant skills that are easy to monetise in today’s economy.” 


The #D2CTech platform – Instamojo, is proud of the steps that LeadsGuru has taken in democratising access to education, and we here want to continue as the jumping board to its success. 

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