Live From A Lounge has been enabling smart travelling – one loyalty point at a time

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2022)

Who doesn’t love travelling? But travelling comes with its own set of complex problems to solve. It can get too much, not to mention, can get very expensive too.

Live From A Lounge, founded by Ajay Awtaney helps you travel in comfort by unravelling the complexities of loyalty programs. Read on to know how they are dedicated to making Indian travellers smarter. Bon Voyage!

Gaps in the Indian travel ecosystem 

Ajay Awtaney has been in the financial field for decades. His work required him to travel for almost his entire career. Extensive travel abroad and domestically gave him detailed insight into the travel industry ecosystem.

His expertise and insight helped Ajay come to 3 very important conclusions 

  1. “Nobody was doing travel advisory on the real pain points of travel” 

  2. “Everyone wants to travel better but does not want astronomical expenses” 

  3. “India is pretty clueless about loyalty programs”


He wanted to build a repository of information for Indians who wanted to travel economically through Live From A Lounge. His online store on Instamojo which originally started as a side project by Ajay became his full-time work in 2018.

In India, cash is still king in the country. This results in a lot of Indians not knowing the benefits that switching to credit can have. From collecting points on every payment made to a variety of discounts, there are a lot of incentives out there.

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How does Live From A Lounge elevate your travel? 

Loyalty programs by travel companies, credit card companies, hotels etc can help you save exponentially in the long term. But, because there isn’t enough discussion about these in mainstream Indian conversations, these concepts can sound complicated, daunting and troublesome.

Ajay wants to save your time. Why go through thousands of websites, online resources and videos only to end up with more questions than when you started?

At Live From A Lounge, you can attend the masterclasses conducted by Ajay and his team, or even book a 1-1 call with them to get information tailored to your needs.

Want to build simple landing pages for conducting courses or masterclasses? Try out Smart Pages by Instamojo.  

For example, they provide personalised information telling you which credit card is appropriate for which expense, to help you adhere to your budget. “They want to know how to organise their loyalty currency and use it on their travel.”- Ajay Awtaney 

Live from a lounge

Their content and masterclasses conducted through their independent online store, both aim at educating the Indian traveller on optimising their travelling expenses. It’s almost a superpower when you know where to cut down on the expenses and how.

“Everyone talks about the power of loyalty programs now, which shows you the power of loyalty programs in shaping behaviour.” -Ajay Awtaney

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The niche audience of Live From A Lounge

Ajay and his 4- member team help people make conscious decisions. They help people who regularly travel for work or vacations, people who go abroad frequently, people who want to spend on their honeymoons, people who have trouble managing multiple currencies etc.

Their target audience largely is focused on:

  • High Net-worth individuals
  • Everybody who wants to travel

For Ajay, the long term mission is for the majority of the Indian population to replace their cash payments with the accrued benefits of loyalty programs.

“Conversations about loyalty programs have to be as normalised as conversations around cash payments” – Ajay Awtaney

Live from a lounge

Loyalty programs by Instamojo 

Ajay started using Instamojo in 2018 and hasn’t seen a reason to switch since then.

Instamojo shares the sentiments of Live from a lounge. If Ajay’s team wants people to understand and utilise loyalty programs better, Instamojo wants to do the same for businesses.

Introducing mojoPlus – India’s first loyalty and rewards program for businesses using Instamojo. 

With every payment collected on your free or premium online stores, you can gain points! Collect these points to unlock a range of premium benefits that help your online business grow.

Don’t have an Instamojo online store yet?

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