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Reseller Network
(Last Updated On: February 2, 2022)

Did you know that India is the largest global destination for reseller space? The Indian reseller network is set to grow up to USD 3.7 Billion towards the end of 2020!

So, why not make some money by joining a reseller network?

If you use Instamojo, you’re in luck. Introducing our very own reseller network: a safe place for you to resell products listed by Instamojo sellers.

What is a reseller?

A reseller is exactly what the word entails – a company or individual who purchases goods with the intention of selling them, rather than consuming them. This is usually done for profit.  As a reseller, you are normally the middleman between the manufacturer and the customers.

An intro to the Instamojo reseller network

With the Instamojo reseller network, you can sell the product without making a purchase of the product yourself.

Reselling on Instamojo helps you gain visibility and earn a commission based on the item you are selling.

The commission will be set by the seller when they create the product. You can resell products from the comfort of your home without any inventory hassle.

You get a dedicated relationship manager assigned to you who can solve all your queries. Resellers also get express KYC approval (under 48 hours).

UPDATE -All new and old online store users now have access to the reseller network with the new and updated premium online feature.

How does Reseller Network work in India?

The reseller network benefits two parties – for the sellers and the resellers.

Looking to become a reseller? It’s pretty easy. Here is a small checklist you may use to proceed with the process:

  1. Find what you want to resell: jewellery, clothes or web-hosting services.
  2. Search for sellers on Instamojo that pique your interest. If you are new to reselling, try reselling on WhatsApp.
  3. Once you have made a deal with the seller, start circulating the reseller links to your contacts and other groups.
  4. Let them pay easily with Instamojo’s online payment options.

Instamojo Reseller Tools

Login to your Instamojo dashboard.

Click on ‘Reseller network’ on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

Search for the product of your choice from the below list and click on it.

Reseller Network India Instamojo

You will be redirected to the page where you can generate your reseller link by confirming the product you want to resell.

reseller link

You can click on ‘Choose more products to resell’ to continue reselling products.

If you click on ‘ Go to reseller dashboard’, it redirects you to the main Reseller page. Here, you can see all your transactions and products that are on your reselling list.

Main reseller Dashboard reseller network

Remember to share your reseller link with customers on your website/social media platforms to get visibility.

When you click on each reseller product, you will see an ‘Earnings Report’. This will show you the payout you receive once you sell the product.

Sample of earnings report


How does the reseller network help sellers/businesses?

If you wish to expand your products to other selling parties, you just need to ✔️ on the option as shown below. This way, other individuals can resell your product and earn a small commission from it too.

how to resell your products

How does this benefit your business? Your product will be showcased to a wider network of people and reach a broader customer base. Other people get to know about your brand and this way, word spreads.

Also, this works wonders when you wish to sell products faster. You can request for resellers for newer products that you wish to promote to more people.

Once you create your product, you will see a small clickable option below your product name called ‘Resellers’.

Reseller Network seller POV

Once you click here, it shows you your list of resellers. You can disable a reseller and see how much each reseller earns for a product sold.

A few tips for Resellers

Joining the reseller network on Instamojo is easy, but if you are new to it, a few of these tips might help.

  1. Know your numbers: It’s always beneficial to know how much money you wish to make from reselling a product. The Instamojo reseller network keeps a clean tracker of your goods sold and the money you make.
  2. Stay relevant on social media: Since you are sharing the reseller link on social media, it helps to keep a good follower base. Here are some tips on how to gain more followers on social media.
  3. Communicate with the seller: If you want to know more about what you will be reselling, communicate with the seller. If the customer approaches you for queries once they purchase the product, keep answers ready.
  4. Start low: If you are just starting out in the reselling business, it is best to opt for a lower-priced product. This helps you understand the process before you gamble higher.

With Instamojo, you get to go beyond collecting online payments. You get to grow your businesses and with the reseller network, help other businesses grow too – all whilst making money!

Join Instamojo Reseller Network

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