mojoStores August – Top 5 Online Stores We Love To Shop From

mojoStores August - Top 5 Online Stores We Love to Shop From
(Last Updated On: May 25, 2021)

Yes, we have favourites too. Our mojoStores August edition features our top five Instamojo online stores for the month.

This month, we picked top 5 quirky, creative online stores that sell their products and services on Instamojo.

How do we pick them? Online stores that have an edge, sells interesting products, has a unique User Experience design feature on our blog every month. We also consider factors such as innovation, business model, interesting Call-To-Actions and it is a bonus if your brand has an interesting back story.

So, who made it to the list?

1. GlassHopper

The products sold here are as interesting as the name of the brand. Located in Bangalore, Glasshopper aims at reviving stained glass art. The brand makes different creative products from stained glass. Their items range from shining sun catchers to massive door panels. The brand also makes corporate gifts in all sizes and shapes.

Started in 2010 in Bangalore, Glasshopper has beautified homes, workplaces, restaurants and various stores with its unique and exclusive work. Run by Saarus Nirhali, Glasshopper promotes creativity, eco-friendliness and encourages everyone to find their creative side.

mojoStores August - Instamojo- GlassHopper
Glasshopper on Instamojo online Store

If you are interested to see more of their work in person, head to their beautiful studio in Indiranagar to discuss, experiment with the glass artefacts and create more stained glass.

2. SoaperNatural Handmade Soaps

Tired of chemicals in your shower gels? Go for something organic, fresh and frankly, quite delicious looking. Warning, these are soaps, so it’s best not to eat them.

SoaperNatural (pretty cool wordplay)  is our second mojoStore that makes the cut for being creative and eco-friendly.

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Reviews like these! 💜 You made our day, @doc2talk2 Thank you 💜💜 #Repost @doc2talk2 • • • Handmade soaps! ✨ These were a recent purchase and I, having a weakness for handmade soaps used up one even before the review 🙈 These lovelies are from @soapernatural_handmadesoaps . . . > Delivery and packaging review 📦: They came neatly packed in a cardboard box in a tamper proof packaging. . > Soap review: . 1. Spearmint soap ( 💚one) : Its got the refreshing aroma of mint, perfect after a hot day out in the sun. It’s got typical summer vibes and isn’t drying on the skin. . 2. Lavender and cedarwood (💛 one): Its got the soothing and relaxing aroma of lavender and hint of cedarwood oil aroma. It’s perfect for the winters as it’s moisturising. . 3. Honey and lemon ( the one I used up before the review 🙈): If you’re trying to get off that stubborn tan, this one’s for you! It’s got a citrusy aroma and moisture from the honey in it. I personally loved this one and recommend it! . 4. The small rose 🌹 shaped ones: These are from their travel soaps collection. They’re perfect for travel cause of their size and they comfortably fit inside your travel pouch. Even if I wasn’t travelling, I would buy them cause they’re so cute! Given their shape, they have a floral aroma. . All in all, I’ve used these soaps and have loved all of them. They’re moisturising, smell great and gentle on the skin. So if you’re looking for soaps without harmful chemicals, @soapernatural_handmadesoaps is your place to go! The soaps are completely handmade, cruelty free and chemical free. I recommend! . . #handmadesoap #handmade #soaps #skincare #beauty #skin #winter #winterskin #winterskincare #summer #summerskincare #bath #bathtime #moisturise #love #loveyourself #selflove #skinproducts #beautifulskin #natural #naturalskincare #bodycare #aromatherapy #soapernaturalsoaps

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The brand makes soaps using different flavours for different skin types. They have also started a range of handmade travel soaps for you to take with you anytime. If you are looking to buy purely organic, handmade soaps, check out the Soapernatural Handmade Soaps Store.

mojoStores August soapernatural - Instamojo

3. Maatikaar

Founded in 1999 by Vasanthi Meattle, Maatikaar found its online platform to cater to its audience using the Instamojo online store.

Maatikaar creates terracotta jewellery and has varied designs you can choose from. They also make jewellery using products from wood, jute, brass, shell, glass, thread etc.

The jewellery can be wiped with a moist cloth for cleaning if required. The gold colour of the jewellery can be preserved longer if worn before spraying perfume.

mojoStores August Maatikaar

mojoStores August Maatikaar 2
Maatikaar Store on Instamojo

4. The Truth Potato Store

We picked this store to feature on our mojoStores purely for the quirk factor. The Truth Potato Store is a completely offbeat and one-of-a-kind store that sells anything potato. Not the vegetable, but the truthful cartoon that tells you what you need to hear.

mojostores - the truth potato

5. Joanna Davala 

We love to promote our creative entrepreneurs, and this one takes the cake. Joanna is an artist, painter and illustrator and works with little fox films. Her Joanna Davala Store features unique pulp fiction art that you can buy to adorn your living space or office cubicle. You can also find this Bangalore based artist’s work on Behance.

joanna davala - mojoStores August - Instamojo


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