Why You Need Videos in Your Social Media Marketing Plan + 3 Free Tools

why you need videos in your marketing plan
(Last Updated On: March 16, 2022)

Do you use videos in your social media marketing plan? Videos should no longer play just a minor part in your company’s marketing plan. Over 63% of companies globally use videos in their social media marketing strategies.

Creating videos for social media is not new and is gaining popularity among businesses. According to a recent study carried out by Hubspot, using videos for social media marketing stands 4th among the top 6 channels for global consumers.

What is Video Marketing?

When you upload a video on your social media for your business as part of your marketing strategy, it becomes video marketing. In a nutshell, your business needs video marketing to:

  • Promote and market your product
  • Increase engagement on your digital and social media platforms
  • Educate your target audience
  • Reach your audience through a new medium

Why use videos in your Social Media Marketing Plan marketing strategy?

Using videos in your social media marketing plan can help speed up in achieving your marketing goals. To understand why you need videos for your marketing strategy, let us look at some stats.

2018 – Videos carried out by businesses shifted perspective from a singular marketing metric to a complete business strategy.

Leading to this, 2019 is moving towards making videos a holistic business strategy. According to research, by mentioning the word ‘video’ in emails, you can increase your open rate alone by 19%.

Over 50% of consumers today, want to see videos from brands over other types of content.

Videos increase conversions: 

Want your customer to sign up to your website or use your product? Make a video and add it to your landing page! By adding a video on your landing page, you can increase conversions by 80%. If your company sells products, leverage on educational videos that your customer will find useful. Take them through your products and encourage them to leave feedback. This leads customers to sign up to your product/service page to purchase your product.

Over 90% of customers have said that videos help them make buying decisions. 

Check out an example of product videos that we did for our customers:


Tip: When starting out on your video marketing, your prospective target audience are aware they have a problem. They need a quick solution. This is where product videos come in and help take care of the issue.

Videos improve shares on social media:

Over 70% of social marketers today resort to using videos sparingly across all channels. Social networks themselves encourage brands to carry out video content.


For example, the social media giant Facebook has launched the 360-degree video, Live Video.

Instagram has Insta stories, LIVE video options,  60-Second Videos & Instagram Stories. Twitter has Periscope and Youtube is the second most popular social network out there for video marketing.

Your customers are looking for entertainment, so while it is a good idea to add videos on social media channels, it is also important to make it entertaining. Script good content and invest in good design.

Bonus: 3 FREE video making tools for your social media marketing:

People spend over 5.5 hours daily, watching videos online. So, it is time you leverage your video plans. If you wish to make videos using tools, here are some free tools you can use.


One of the few free video marketing tools available online that allows you to create animated, promotional videos for your business. Renderforest is a simple platform that you don’t need any technical expertise to work with.

Key Features: 

  • You can make professional-quality videos for free.
  • They also offer a number of built-in templates so you can create promotional videos or introductions using them.

Quick Time player

If your business is planning to make product demo videos that explain a solution for your customers’ problem, then you need to get the Quicktime player. It is free and allows you to record your screen while you narrate or showcase the features to your customers.

Key features: 

  • Easy to record demo videos
  • Can use it for movie recording, screen and audio recording purposes.


Another rare free video making tool is Slidely,  a platform to create video slideshows or music videos from your existing photos, music or video clips. You can directly post your new slideshow onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. There’s also widgets and badges so you can embed the clip onto a blog or website.

Key Features:

  • A quick video maker for your social media channels.
  • Also functions as a social network where your business can share on the community and view each other’s work.

Also: Check out these 5 FREE Tools You Can Use to Make Videos

Using videos can help your business in more than one way. If you collect payments using Instamojo, you can simply copy/paste the link to your video description, whether it is on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram and redirect your customers directly to your payment page.


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