mojoStores: 5 Instamojo online stores to inspire the artist in you

mojoStores: 5 Instamojo online stores to inspire the artist in you
(Last Updated On: February 23, 2024)

Comics and sketches can entertain, illuminate and inspire people of all ages. Some people are born with talent and some people cultivate it. 

But today, we are choosing to highlight 5 founders who have turned their passion into profit!

This mojoStore compilation is going to show you 5 online stores that have been selected based on:

  1. The brilliance of these artists
  2. Their online stores and products

If you have a passion for drawing, but are scared to show it to the world, maybe these art  businesses will inspire you to take the leap!

Let’s have a look at them. 

mojoStore #1: The Plain Papers

Instamojo online stores: The Plain Papers
Instamojo online store: The Plain Papers

Each piece of art in this store has a unique story waiting to be discovered. From adorable doodles to stunning illustrations, this platform is a haven for those who appreciate the power of visual storytelling. Interesting, isn’t it? 

Also, the artists here don’t just make art; they are immersive experiences that invite you to be part of the story. Whether it’s quirky stories or compelling illustrations, The Plain Papers is a graphic canvas that knows no boundaries. That’s why it’s making a real hit in the industry!

Take a look at their online store.

mojoStore #2: Bhuli 

Instamojo online stores: Bhuli
Instamojo online store: Bhuli

Bhuli isn’t just a platform for art; it’s a platform for memories etched in strokes. It is because each photo tells a personal story, a piece of the founder’s journey.

Every art available in Bhuli invites you to interact with their stories, offering glimpses of the emotions and experiences captured in the line. 


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Whether it’s nostalgia, joy, or introspection, Bhuli’s paintings resonate with the universal language of human emotion. 

Checkout their online store here

mojoStore #3: Calligraphy Raven

This online store is a celebration of the art of calligraphy, where every stroke is a reminder of the beauty of the handwriting. From elaborate calligraphy to minimalist design, Calligraphy Raven does justice to the industry of art and craft. 

The simplicity and wonder of each story makes it a fascinating insight for fans of the art of writing.

You can check more products by The Calligraphy Raven here.

mojoStore #4: Inkology

Instamojo online stores: Inkology
Instamojo online store: Inkology

This is among those Instamojo online stores that shows the magical way of bridging the gap between ink and the mind. This online store covers interesting and emotional works of art. From sophisticated fonts to bold fonts, Inkology highlights the power of ink as a medium. 


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This platform not only provides a visual treat but also reveals the art behind each creation, emphasising the creative process of transforming ideas into tangible and amazing works of art.

You can have a look at their website here 

mojoStore #5: Spacy Edits Art

Instamojo online stores: Spacy Edits Art
Instamojo online store: Spacy Edits Art

This online store is an incredible display of artistic excellence, with stunning landscapes and captivating characters. The artists here draw inspiration from the vastness of the universe to create images that transport you to another world. 

Take a look at this online store here 

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