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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2023)

As a side hustle or a full-time business, selling digital products is a great way to harness the power of eCommerce and make money online.

If you’re looking for digital product ideas to start your business, we have a list of stores covered in this blog. From graphics to ebooks, here are some online stores on Instamojo to give you ideas for your next successful digital product business.

mojoStore #1: StudyIASwithDJ

This store was founded by Dharmendra Jhakar, a UPSC aspirant and mentor. Based on his three attempts in the exam, Dharmendra created quality UPSC CSE Handwritten Notes on various subjects, eBooks, and solved question papers. He also sells newspaper compilations and other UPSC essentials.

ca karan online store

Check out the STudyIAS store here.

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mojoStore #2: Dr Ramya

Dr Ramya Ranganathan is a certified wellness coach who has taken hundreds of training sessions across many countries. On her online store, she sells 2-hour recordings of her masterclasses on design thinking, goal setting and other life topics. Through her online store, she aims to reach a wide audience with her content and empower more people towards joy.

Dr ramya ecommerce website

Check out Dr. Ramya’s online store here

mojoStore #3: Woodledesigns

Doodle Woodle is a design studio started by Sumouli Dutta, a professional illustrator and designer. She started the Woodledesigns online store to sell digital designs products along with other art products. One of her popular products is the Art bundle which somes with a water color artwork in digital form and study materials to learn art developed from a storyline.

woodle doodle store teaching online
Woodle Doodle online store

Check out the Woodledesigns store and find out how an artist sells digital products online.

mojoStore #4: Grammar Ganga

Grammar Ganga is an online store started by Rajeswari, a passionate English teacher. She specializes in teaching native language speakers to learn spoken English to help them in getting better jobs. On her online store, she sells digital products like ebooks and courses on spoken English for beginners.

Here’s a guide on how to sell online courses.

grammar ganga online store for english teaching

Check out her online store here

mojoStore #5: CA Karan

Karan Chandwani is a chartered accountant. With an online store, he sells digital products including course bundles and practice books for CA aspirants. Along with the digital version of the courses, he sells physical copies of the books and ships them to his students.

You can find his recorded sources and other study materials on his online store.

Sell digital products with Instamojo

Selling any kind of digital products will need a lot of preparation before it starts generating passive income. For starters, you will need to enhance your knowledge on the topic and establish your expertise online. Here’s a blog to help you learn more about digital how to sell digital products online.

One of the best medium to get your digital products out into the world is with your own online store. Sign up on Instamojo for free and get started.

Sell digital products online

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