One Pour Tree: A beauty brand catering to the conscious consumer

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2022)

 With a variety of beauty brands today, it is becoming hard to know which products are both effective and safe. We are exposed to undesirable chemicals daily. This is why consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about what they wear, eat, breathe, and use. 

Fizaah Fayaaz, founder (or head elf as she calls herself!) of One Pour tree tells us the story of how she started her natural skincare brand, navigated the business through a pandemic, and how she’s successfully selling online. 

The inspiration behind One Pour Tree 

The biggest inspiration for Fizaah was the previous generations. She had the realisation that our parents and grandparents have flawless skin despite never using any chemical skincare products.

Whereas, our generation even with a horde of skincare items easily available, often faces frequent skin issues like chronic acne and rough and pale skin.

Why is that?

She was answered when she discovered the shocking truth behind commercial soaps. The ingredients used in commercial soaps have a long term negative impact on our bodies and skin. The ingredients are masked behind fancy words and visual representation through false advertisements.

Fizaah’s research into what goes into these soaps gave her the necessary push she needed to start selling organic products. 

 “I strongly believe that we must become more conscious of what goes in our body and on our skin. Looking at ingredients and wondering their use and why they exist in a particular product is my way of playing Sherlock.” -Fizaah

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One Pour Tree and their products 

Fizaah carefully scrutinised consumer behaviour and preferences on social media and understood that the next-gen consumers are very conscious about what they put into their skin.

With that idea in place, Fizaah proudly launched One Pour Tree, calling it a “skincare for conscious people”.

The skincare brand mainly catered to people who WANTED natural options and in fact favoured it over luxurious mainstream products.

One pour tree

The flagship product that One Pour Tree started selling online was – cold-pressed, completely organic soaps that have no artificial colours or fragrances.

Now, she has expanded to multiple products like body butter, sugar scrubs, lip balm etc -all made with natural ingredients.

 “I like to keep simple in life and my products. Each and every ingredient that you see used is something that you will recognise immediately.” Fizaah 

Fizaah and her team are building a conscious brand for the conscious consumer. They want to raise awareness so that more people understand and start questioning exactly what is in commercial cosmetics and beauty products.

Unique social media strategy 

Fizaah wants to sell beauty products online but not at the cost of the planet or the health of her customers.

Fizaah actively used social media to communicate with her audience and has built a community. Even though her business took a hit and had to be closed for about 7 8 months during the pandemic, they have now bounced back with a more rigorous and enthusiastic media strategy than ever.

One of the easiest ways that One Pour Tree has been able to help create connect emotional bonds with its audiences is by using memes. Memes are a type of humour that netizens love to engage in! A love that Fizaah recognized and utilised.

Fizaah has been conscious of the power social media can have in increasing traffic and customers for her online store. She has tastefully been using memes and other creative content that establishes a relationship between her and her audience.

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Fizaah through social media also encourages people to active ask her questions about skincare products. She uses the active engagement and feedback that she receives to constantly refine her products and give the people what they really need.

Here are a few examples of the content that Fizaah has published on her Instagram – 

Instamojo helping One Pour Tree build a future 

Fizaah realises that purely organic cosmetic products can be slightly more expensive. But being conscious about what you use on your skin and body will definitely pay off in the coming years.

Fizaah start selling her products on social media, but she soon needed a platform where she could easily display all her products. Not only that, but with Instamojo, she could also clearly write effective product descriptions so that her customers could know the ingredients of each product!

Even though FIzaah created an online free store, she could use multiple features like adding unlimited products, adding product categories and variants, manage orders and inventory and sharing social share links easily.

If Fizaah can build a conscious brand and community with an Instamojo free store, you can too!

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