How to Choose Online Payment Gateway for NGOs

How to choose Online Payment gateway for NGOs_

Choosing an online payment gateway for NGOs (non-Government organisations) is easy; you just need to know who to trust with your money.

So, we came up with a short guide to help you choose the right online payment gateway for your NGO.

India has over 31 lakh NGOs, which happens to be more than double the number of schools and 250 times the number of government hospitals.

Since the onset of online payment gateways taking over the internet, it has proved both a blessing and a curse for NGOs to collect donations. While collecting payments online has proved easier in terms of providing different modes of payment, it has also become harder for small-wing NGOs to acquire the trust factor from payment gateways.

Choosing Online Payment Gateways for NGOs to collect donations:

If you are part of an NGO, then collecting donations online from trusted donors, fundraisers and the public, require one main requirement; trust.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when choosing a payment gateway for NGOs:

(I) Transaction fees:

You shouldn’t have to pay a hefty price to collect donations online. Read online to know how much online payment gateways in India are charging. Look for payment aggregators that do Check how much your payment gateways charge for each transaction. Read the terms and conditions, and do not agree to pay more than you need to when using the platform.

(II) Secure Payment gateway:

How safe is your chosen payment gateway? Read reviews on external platforms like Quora, Reddit and other payment forums. Choose a popular, established payment gateway, and it doesn’t hurt to know what the larger organisations are using.

(III) Processing time:

If your NGO is collecting donations for an event, you will need to receive payouts quicker. The standard payout time for payment gateways is T+3 days.

(IV) International payments:

When choosing an online payment gateway for NGO, make sure your preferred processor can facilitate international donations. NGOs have beneficiaries all over the globe, and once you nail the fundraising game, you will receive international contributions from well-wishers.

(V) Payment method:

Donors prefer a platform with multiple payment modes. For instance, UPI helps them contribute small amounts to your NGO website in just 2 steps. Donors who wish to make larger donations can do so using the NEFT feature on the site.

(VI) Transfer limit:

How much money can you receive at once from your payment gateway – if you are looking to raise funds from grant agencies, chances are the amount could be a big amount. So when you choose an online payment gateway for your NGO, you need to make sure they do not have a cap on the amount that is allowed to be transferred.

How Instamojo helps NGOs collect online payments:

Instamojo has long been in the payment gateway business for over 7 years. Instamojo has primarily facilitated online payment gateway for small businesses, but over the past few years, we have enabled a number of developmental organizations to collect donations and raise funds online.

We have worked with a number of NGOs including Amnesty International, Milaap, and CRY.

Here is why you can use Instamojo to collect your donations for your NGO:

  1. Safe and secure online payments with PCI-DSS compliance.
  2. Instamojo allows international donations for you if your NGO has an FCRA certification. 
  3. Create landing pages/quick website for your NGOs events using our page builder app.
  4. 4. Zero setup fee and no maintenance cost – You can sign up on Instamojo for free, and start collecting payments in just 2 minutes! You can use Instamojo’s quick payment links and embed them to your website so that your donors can easily submit their contributions.

How uses Instamojo to collect payments online: is not your typical NGO. beneficiaries are the NGOs themselves.  Like any non-profit organisation, creating an impact is more important than raking in money for the company.  At this NGO, the team calls it a good day when people register or inquire about running fundraising campaigns to celebrate life events.

The team required a payment gateway to help facilitate all their online donations. That is when Dhaval Udani of DanaMojo told them about Instamojo’s quick and easy payment gateway and links. Now, uses Instamojo’s payment links to collect all their incoming donations.

If you have an NGO and are looking for more than just a payment gateway, then get in touch with us. Leave us your email in comments and we can feature your story on our blog too.

Let’s build better communities together!


  1. Hi Chethna, can you please let me know how much there will be charges per transaction for NGO sites?
    I am working for an NGO and they want to setup donations on their site, I’ll be happy if you can let me know if there’s any possibility to reduce transaction charges.
    Thank you for reading 🙂

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