Online stores on Instamojo Celebrating Christmas 2020 In True Spirits!

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2021)

Merry Christmas 2020! 🎄

This year, small businesses are celebrating getting through what seemed like one of the toughest years so far. There are gifts being bought, food being cooked, and merriment all around.

So, we decided to join in on this festive spirit and share a few online stores on Instamojo that took to celebrating Christmas 2020 with beautiful cards, books, food, and even artwork!


Christmas is a lot about bringing people together for some delicious food, and Conosh delivers! A startup in community/social dining space, Conosh helps you meet new people around the city over good food.  Since COVID put a damper on that, Conosh took to delivering delicious food experiences to doorsteps.


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“Art & Craft is the answer, who cares about the question.” – This is the motto you come across when checking out Artibute’s beautiful and tastefully made cards, paper stacks and books.


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The brand celebrated the spirit of Christmas with beautiful cards made for the occasion.  You can check out the quaint little store here.

Artibute christmas 2020


Christmas in India would not be complete without a desi touch. EitherOrr takes care of that with exclusive handcrafted candleholders and ceramics, inspired by Indian Mehndi art!
Christmas 2020 - EitherOrr
Unique Christmas design for candles inspired by Mehndi Art
The product range is carefully curated over 7 years, making perfect gifts for all occasions & across price ranges. The brand also customizes candle holders and ceramics for both corporates and customers.
christmas 2020 - eitherorr

CCC by Jeyadra VijayaSelvan

We delayed writing about this brand because were busy ogling at the delicious cakes featured on Jeyadra Vijayaselvan’s store on Instamojo.

A famous home baker from Bangalore, Jeyadra’s cakes have been around for years, with orders pouring in most around Christmas season.  She also conducts online baking workshops for aspiring home bakers.

The Amaya Store

Simran Wahan, brand owner of The Amaya Store celebrated Christmas with a little art therapy. The Bangalore-based artist regularly conducts therapeutic art sessions for adults and kids.  She uses acrylics, watercolour, and digital tools for her art.

If you are celebrating Christmas 2020, we suggest taking a day off from running your business full swing and relax. Entrepreneurs deserve a day off too. Bring in the festive spirit with a little goodwill, a lot of love and kindness. Hurry and create online store & sell online.

Let’s hope for a good 2021!



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