Indian Online Business Network – Monthly Community RoundUp

Indian online business network roundup
(Last Updated On: February 5, 2021)

We all are a part of a community that helps us grow and thrive in our personal/professional lives. We join a community-driven by our need to connect with like-minded people and grow together, learning from their experiences and sharing our learnings with them.

Driven by this objective, we at Instamojo are building an Indian Online Business community hosted on Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram platforms.

In this blog, we will share major highlights of the month from our community platforms. We will take you through:

Webinar on community building

Our aim is to connect with businesses across the country and our business is to grow yours. What could be a better way than building a close-knit community to meet this aim?

Indian MSMEs Network community on Facebook, reached a strong 2.4K members within just a month.

Shrikant N Pangarkar, a business owner and a part of the group became the ‘Rising Star’ of the Facebook community. He has been the most active member to post relevant news and learnings with group members.

A community exclusive webinar on ‘community building for businesses: Telegram or WhatsApp’ was organised with Nisary M, founder of HerMoneyTalks.

Indian online business community webinar

(Note: To watch the webinar with Nisary M, please join the Facebook community of Indian MSMEs Network by clicking below )


Idea exchange and product resolutions on whatsApp community

WhatsApp as a platform is very interactive. Many new ideas were exchanged in the group, with new introductions and referrals being shared.

Many of the community members networked and found a solution to their business challenges by sharing them with their peers.

We also saw many members of the community sharing their product-related doubts on the community.

It helped them in finding a quick resolution to their challenges and gave us an opportunity to educate everyone about the product.



New community platform launched: Telegram

On popular demand and after conducting polls in existing communities, we launched our community on Telegram as well. If you like to keep your details private and like a limited intrusion from everyone in the group, Telegram is the best platform to join.

The upside of being a part of Telegram is that you will not have to wait for a new ‘chapter’ of the group to open as we can accommodate many members in a single group.

We are excited to kickstart some action there. Join us on Telegram to make it as bustling and interactive as other community platforms.



If you wish to stay updated with all the hustle-bustle of our Indian Online Business community, you can subscribe to our community newsletter too! We would love to have you as a part of our community. Join in and let us all grow together! 

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