New Feature – Request a Payment (RAP)

Running your own business is hard – finding customers, legal hassles, and let’s not even talk about getting paid on time (or ever). At Instamojo, we’ve been simplifying payments for a few years now, but this April we took things one step further with Instapay.

Behold Instapay (PULL)

Instapay gave your bank account a beautiful new face. Gone were the days of sharing your bank details, adding a beneficiary and waiting hours to make a transfer. All you had to do was share your profile link, and people could pay you instantly through credit card, debit card and net banking. Did someone say magic?

Just a minute there …

But there was still one teeny tiny thing – you still had to share your profile link with your customer and specify their bill amount. If you were doing more than a few payments a day, this was getting to be a hassle. So, we put on our thinking caps, and wondered – what if we could flip that, what if your profile could walk to your customers and demand your money?

We tried really hard but didn’t succeed in building robots that chase your customers down asking for money, but today we’re launching two features that come close (okay, as close as possible): Request a Payment & Bulk Requests.

Request a Payment – RAP (PUSH)

With Request a Payment, we’re taking Instapay one step further. You can directly send a payment link to someone’s e-mail or SMS inbox, where they’re just two steps away from making a payment. Your Instapay profile is prefilled with purpose and amount for each individual customer, making it super simple for people to pay you. Open mail or message, click link, fill payment details and boom, your cash registers will ring away.

Bulk Requests

For those of you who will be sending tons of requests, we’ve gone one step ahead and simplified your life too! Send multiple requests at one go using our Bulk Requests feature. To use, simply upload a csv file with the email ids or phone numbers of your customers and amount to be paid. We’ll automatically send out requests, you will be notified of the payments as usual.

Together, Instapay and Request a Payment allow people and businesses to collect money with ease, putting an end to the dark, dark days of sharing bank account details.

We’ve only just begun, stay tuned for more as we go along simplifying the art of doing business.