Why Should We Trust You? A Tale of 21st Century Sales

Sales Trust
(Last Updated On: August 26, 2021)

When Akshay Kumar sells you a certain brand of cement, you believe him. But why do you believe him? Because there is a brand-personality fit, a sense of trust in what he is trying to sell to you. Trust plays a major role when it comes to sales. At Instamojo, we believe in creating a rapport with the clients and helping them understand our product better.

How do we do it? Our sales pitches are not just pitches. They are quality conversations customized to fit everyone’s needs.

Yes, I would prefer calling it as a conversation than a sales pitch. Many people in sales undervalue the importance of a good conversation. If you can nail a good conversation with a client, you’ve sold him your product/service.

Here is a question I ask myself before talking to a client.

Will I buy what I am selling?

Have you asked this question to yourself? If you think you are good at sales, sell what you are selling, to yourself.

Thinking from the client’s perspective will help you understand the impact of a sales pitch.

You will find questions that appear to your client, appear to you too! Jot all the questions that come to you.

Once you have answers for all the above questions, you will get to know what has to be changed in your pitch and how to make it a conversation.

Whenever you answer his/her question, try to be precise and give a satisfactory answer rather than bragging ( The hard selling days are over, trust me!).

Trust – How to actually earn it.

People will always doubt your product or service when you’re trying too hard to sell it to them. Thus, persuading people to buy your product or service is a difficult task. Trust is the most common gateway that salespersons fail to navigate.

More business means more the number of people who trust in you. Happy Selling 🙂

At Instamojo, we build trust by helping our clients in their business in every possible way. You can get started with your online business in under two minutes.

This post is written by Nandan Sudheer, Inbound Sales Lead @Instamojo.


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