Cooking Studio: See how this homemaker is building a baked goods business online

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2023)

Minal Menon has always wanted to do something meaningful in her career life. After she found her passion in baking, there was no looking back. Cookingstudio was started as a school of culinary arts, teaching more than 2000 students across the world.

And now, Minal wants to expand take her passion one more step forward — by selling freshly baked goodies and bakery supplies online. We got in touch with the founder to know more about her inspiring journey as a food entrepreneur.

Full time job to homemaker to entrepreneur 

Minal had a full time job as a data analyst before having her own family. She quit her job to be able to spend more time with her family. Though being a good homemaker was her top priority, Minal wanted to have a fulfilling career as well.

“My kids started asking me, ‘mummy, what job do you do?’, remembers Minal. And she was determined to prove to her kids that she could have a job as well, along with being a mother. Once she discovered her passion for  baking and cooking, Minal decided to go for it.

She obtained her certifications on culinary arts and baking from Singapore. After returning to India, Minal decided to start a cooking school — Cookingstudio. So far, Cookingstudio has taught more than 2000 students the art of cooking.

Recently, Cookingstudio started to sell baked goods and bakery supplies online.

Starting an online store on Instamojo

Cookingstudio started selling delicious baked treats and goods online. They also sells bakery products and other cooking supplies. They signed up on Instamojo eCommerce platform and created an online store to sell their products. Minal is planning to sell her products across India and find a better customer base.

sell baked goods online
Cookingstudio – online store

“I want to expand business to more cities. My goal is to sell our bakery products outside Ahmedabad and make the brand name more popular. Instamojo is helping us in this business goal.”

– Minal Menon, founder Cookingstudio

Selling products on an online store is easier than you expect. All you have to do is sign up for free, add your domain name, and add your products. If you want to start a food business online, here’s what you need to know to get started.

Challenges of selling baked goods online

Has starting an eCommerce business for bakery products been difficult? “It has its own challenges”, says Minal. Some of the challenges she faced while starting her business are:

  • Baking products on-demand
  • Finding regular and reliable suppliers
  • Shipping products on time

With careful planning and the right raw materials, Minal is ready to overcome these challenges and take her business forward.

Instamojo for your own food business brand

Want to start a bakery business from your home and sell across the country? Do you want to be a successful eCommerce business owner? Instamojo is the best place to start. Take the first step to your dream business by signing up for free on Instamojo.

Start your own food business online

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