Small business diaries: New Year resolutions for 2022

Small business diaries New Year resolutions for 2022 (1)
(Last Updated On: January 5, 2022)

Our resolve was tested in 2021 and small businesses passed with flying colours. This year proved that there was no replacement for hard work, grit and passion. Despite obstacles like new strains of the coronavirus, eCommerce held strong. Now more than ever, people are starting their own independent businesses. As we move on to a brand new year, we wanted to ask our homegrown brands with independent businesses on Instamojo for their resolutions for 2022.

Here are our 6 favourite New Year resolutions by small online businesses: 

1. Madrasskari 

Madrasskari is a small creative accessories brand that creates indie wearable art. Each piece is unique and has been designed and handmade by upcycling, repurposing and restyling textiles and textures.

Madrasskari has plans that involve increasing the brand’s audience reach pan-India. The brand even though has its roots in South India, is now hoping to penetrate the North Indian market. Despite the pandemic putting breaks on its effort to form strong networks to expand the business, the brand has continued its efforts.

As a small business, Madrasskari’s New Year resolutions are also to engage in proper marketing for the online store, which includes utilising social media, setting up pop up stores and focusing on community-based growth.

As an environmentally-conscious brand, they are is attempting to broaden the perception of recycling. Scraps of textile or cloth do not always need to be thrown. Their hope is that 2022 sees a larger number of people understand the importance of upcycling and recycling as a daily habit.

The mentality that scraps are waste has to be changed. People need to make a conscious effort to not add to landfills.

2. June Cosmetics

June cosmetics, an online store selling vegan cosmetics in India, is based on the promise of sustainability. They are aiming for each step of the production process to be sustainable. In fact, they recently introduced glass bottles instead of plastic bottles. And they encourage their repeat customers to send the bottles back for refills at lower prices instead of ordering new jars.

Vegan cosmetics in India 3-min

The one part of the process that is still lacking- is the packaging materials used. Changing this is June Cosmetic’s main goal for 2022.

June Cosmetics has also decided to focus more on using social commerce to scale its business next year. Their main objectives would be to the first market and sell existing products before launching new products.

3. Eatally

Eatally is a super-premium ice cream and sorbets manufacturer and its products stand out from mass-market ones in many ways. They can boast of a vast array of flavours and unique combinations that are unheard of. From sweet Thai coffee flavour to french vanilla caramel, and mango kulfi, every product is uniquely delicious!

Eatally is motivated to increase its capacity gradually and expand to more outlets in 2022.

“We are planning to get our own coach and delivery system. Currently, we are in-talks with investors and venture capitalists to seek funding and grow further.”

New year resolutions eatally

4. Cooking Studio 

Cooking studio, a small home-based business that sells bakery supplies, freshly baked cakes and lots of other delicious baked goodies. They don’t just want their customers to enjoy homemade treats but also enjoy the process themselves.


Cooking studio


As a small business, Cooking Studio wants to expand its business. They want to be able to increase their customer bases in more cities across India.

5. Mood Art by Kalyani A

Mood Art by Kalyani A, an online store that makes handmade candles, wants more experiences in 2022 that inspire new and fresher scents for the candles. The experiences do not have to be larger than life moments but simple things like exploring a new part of the city. The small business understands the importance of variety and innovation, which is why this online store has made the resolution of releasing a new scent every 2 weeks.

Mood art by kalyani A

The online store is also excited about focusing more on marketing efforts. From making high-quality videos for YouTube to exploring social commerce, Mood Art by Kalyani A wants to make the most of the coming year. 


Silverrage is a small online business that sells traditional as well as fusion jewellery that has been crafted to suit multiple occasions. Like most small businesses, they have learnt from the pandemic and the hurdles they had to cross.

In 2022, the online store wants to ensure they define goals to streamline their tasks and also prepare for emergencies strategically!


Silverrage believes in authenticity. They know that is one of the best ways to increase customer retention and loyalty. They believe in being real and they want their customers to get exactly what they see. As part of their 2022 resolution, Silverrage wants to focus on optimising its website so that customers can understand the product better. Their strategies would include incorporating videos of the products on their website and also collaborating with several influencers to showcase the products.


New year resolutions can be a fun way to set the tone for the new year. The world is opening up and small online businesses are at the forefront of this change. eCommerce trends have set the stage for home businesses to scale their brand successfully in 2022. These new year resolutions by the small businesses can serve to be your inspiration.

As we head into 2022, small business owners need to focus more on omnichannel marketing strategies, strategic planning for emergencies and a holistic attempt to be more sustainable.

Want to experience the pride that small business owners feel? Set up your own online store for free on Instamojo and realise your entrepreneurial dreams.






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