How to prepare your online business for 2024: A checklist

prepare your business for 2022
(Last Updated On: February 14, 2024)

For an online store, 2024 holds a lot in its folds.

India will have 228 million social commerce shoppers in 2022, according to a recent report. DTC brands are growing in demand and local brands are making eCommerce a priority.

So, make sure that your online business is ready for the coming year. Here’s a checklist for you to prepare your online business for 2024 and boost your business growth.

Keep your financial records up to date

Financial documents play a crucial role in your company. It shows you whether you’re running a healthy business or if you need some adjustments going forward. Your documents should provide a guide to your company’s financial position and health.

So make sure you are up to date and keep them ready.

Ramp up your social media

If you haven’t set up your business on social media yet, you’re missing out on a lot! Small businesses can utilise the power of social media to sell their products, increase sales, and interact with customers. Social media can be used to establish your business as a brand.

And Instagram is one of the most efficient social media platforms for growing your DTC brand.

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Make your website mobile friendly

You can start an online store for your business easily with Instamojo.

If you haven’t optimised your online store with SEO, you need to do it now! Find out which keywords are most popular related to your product or store. For this, you can use an SEO tool or a simple Google search. Perform an SEO audit to check for any issues.

When you write product descriptions, make sure you include the keywords. This will help you stay on top of search results.

If you use Instamojo’s premium online store option, you get access to in-built SEO elements that will boost your store automatically in the search engine rankings.

Watch this video to learn how you can use basic SEO settings for your Instamojo online store.

Manage your inventory

Get in touch with your suppliers early to check if in-demand products will be available consistently.

Assess your inventory as early as possible. Stock up on best selling products, get enough packaging material and organise everything.

Prepare action plans and goals for 2024

Your review of 2021 goals should have given you a clear picture of at least some of your 2024 business goals. Now’s the time to write them down. Do you need to increase sales? Expand your offices? Hire new employees? Keep a more rigorous inventory count? Institute more thorough training? Reduce costs? Which ones? How?

Now’s the time to write your goals down and prepare an action plan.

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