Crossroads of music and health: the story of Anahat Music Therapy

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2022)

People try many things for physical and mental well being — workout, yoga, martial arts. But have you ever heard of music therapy? Of course, we all know that music gives its listener some sort of calm and enjoyment. But, did you know that music has actual therapeutic properties? In fact, there are certified people who practise music therapy.

In this week’s spotlight, we feature Anahat Music Therapy — an organisation promoting well being with the help of the healing powers of music.

Discovering music therapy

Santhosh Gatpande, an IT professional, would go to foreign countries for work trips. This was where he first came across music therapy in practise. Being an ardent music lover since childhood, he was astonished by how music had the power to bring a development in one’s general wellbeing.

Discovering how music can transform people’s lives, Santhosh was determined to learn more about this technique, which was not prevalent in India at the time.

So, Santhosh took up an 18-month course certified by the government of India, and took the first step in following his passion.

After founding Anahat Music Therapy, he has went on to influence 4500+ people with the magic of music therapy.

Music therapy — sonic tonic

Anahat music therapy was founded with the aim of positively influencing the areas of health and well-being through music. It helps people use music to relive all kinds of maladies. Based in Pune, Anahat music therapy also provides certified training to become music therapists.


“People can use music therapy to slowly quit their medications (for certain illnesses) and adopt a new lifestyle.”

– Santhosh, Founder Anahat Music Therapy

According to Santhosh, music therapy helps you overcome many lifestyle and health problems. They range from common things such as an stress management, confidence boosting, memory improvement, to more complex issues such as arthritis, digestive disorder, and even side effects of chemotherapy.

Anahat offers a number of different sessions for music therapy which are informative and interactive.

anahat music therapy training session
Music therapy sessions at Anahat

“In a typical session, firstly I have a short introductory call with the client to understand their psychology, behaviour, and music preferences. Then I design a session based on their history and provide them with curated tracks.”

Anahat music also provides a 3 month training course for people aspiring to be music therapists. It’s a course to understand and explore the scientific basis of music therapy, which also includes practical case studies.

Challenges of starting

Like any service-based business, Anahat music therapy had to overcome challenges in the beginning.

The main challenges was the lack of awareness of music therapy. Very few people knew about harnessing music for its therapeutic powers. So, Santhosh had to find ways to create more awareness. For this, he hosted free workshops and webinars at various places in Pune. And he communicated the concept of music therapy.

These free awareness programmes were effective to a great extent. So, this proves that providing valuable free information to your target audience helps you get more leads in the long run.

Here’s a free MojoVersity course to help you learn how to grow your business with webinars.

Once more people became aware, more people signed up for music therapy sessions at Anahat. To accelerate lead generation, Santhosh took his business online

With the help of Instamojo, Santhosh was able to get more sign ups for his sessions. For registrations for online therapy sessions, they used Instamojo Smart Page to create a landing page.

“Instamojo offered my clients a smooth online experience and it’s an easy-to-use feature to get more leads.”

– Santhosh, founder Anahat Music Therapy

With a smart page, they could easily highlight the features of the session and collect fees. Here’s one such landing page by Anahat music therapy:

anahat music therapy
Smart Page by Anahat Music Therapy

Want to setup your own Smart Page? Sign up for a free landing page here or read this blog to get started.

A long-term vision

Born from passion for music, Anahat is built on strong foundations to reach more heights in the future.

Training certification by Anahat

Santhosh has a long-term vision for Anahat — to train 1 lakh people in India as music therapists. Also, he wants to spread more awareness about music therapy and how it can influence their general well being.

Within two years, Anahat Academy has trained more than 1200 people as of now.

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