Taking MSME Online: Survey Finds Need for Digitization

(Last Updated On: June 3, 2021)

A recent survey conducted by Yes Bank proved a very important series of points that could help take MSME online in India. The survey was carried out to study the impact of digitization on MSMEs. It took over 5 months to complete and covered over 3000 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Since demonetisation swept over India, a discussion about taking businesses online seems a necessity.

Why was the survey important for MSMEs?

The survey showed that despite a 60% MSME base on digital mediums, only 5% seem to have incorporated a complete online presence and engagement.

The key challenges that the survey unravelled included a basic lack of digital know-how on part of the businesses to carry out online operations. This could mean trouble creating an online store, finding the right payment gateway or even getting skilled manpower to carry out online business operations.

The survey will prompt key stakeholders including the government, technology and other industry leaders, regulators, MSMEs and academia, to have a shared objective of ensuring that digital penetration within the MSME sector is accelerated and monitored on a regular basis.

How will digitization help MSMEs?

Over 50% of the digitally equipped MSMEs reported several benefits from taking their business online, despite the lack of knowledge and hands-on experience. They reported an increase in profitability, operational efficiency & improved customer engagement.

Slow and steady digitization of MSMEs will improve the GDP rate contribution of the sector to the country, which currently sits at 7%.

Digitization will help business owners of small enterprises to keep better track of their online transactions, sell products online and interact better with their customers located in different parts of the world. A wide reach of SMEs businesses will help increase their audience base, create a safer way to track payments and in the long run, help get better investment in the business.

Do all MSMEs need digitization?

In other news, the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2019 saw a historic moment for the future of MSMEs in India. Companies signed over 21,000 MoUs in the MSME sector.

A recent study showed that India is well on her way to overtake the UK as the world’s fifth biggest economy, so why not start with promoting a growth strategy for more MSMEs in the country?

The Vibrant Summit provides MSMEs a platform to be globally competitive, according to Vijay Rupani, the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

” A total of 28,360 MoUs were signed which will bring in over 21 lakh employment opportunities to the state,” Rupani said.

While the primary goal for many MSMEs is to set a strong base, digitization is the long term goal, for the entire sector. This compels the government, banks, technology providers and corporates to work together for digitally empowering MSMEs. Why will this help? An accelerated growth will help with increased revenues, lower risks, reduced costs and diversified market segments in the sector.

How can digitization be implemented?

Capturing key digital marketing trends seems like a difficult task for MSMEs who want to enter and conquer the digital world. However, thanks to several online platforms, this may not seem like an impossible task.

The Government’s initiatives such as ‘Digital India’, ‘Skill India’ and ‘Startup India’ have delivered in their promise to help MSME entrepreneurs and business owners, thereby accelerating the wave of digitization in the sector.

According to Sumit Gupta, the Senior Group President of Mid Segment, Multinational Corporate Banking, Government Banking, Agri-Business & Knowledge, Yes Bank, MSMEs are already undergoing a transition. While the Government is looking forward to promoting more MSME creation in the country, the need of the hour is for established MSMEs to take their businesses online. Entrepreneurs must understand and adapt to the powerful wave of digital marketing, trends and practices and harness it into their value chain. Sustainability is the new way to keep a business alive and thriving, and thanks to the internet, a lot of what needs to be done, is already taken care of.

Instamojo helps MSMEs find an easy path to digitization. If you fall into the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Sector, and are looking to set up an online store for free, track your payments online and find buyers, then you have come to the right place. Instamojo is adapting itself to the dynamic world of easier online payments to help you run your business smoothly. With the introduction of SmartLinks, a better way to do online payments, Instamojo is a catalyst to get businesses to go digital.


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