How to get started with digital marketing for SMEs

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2022)

Are you a small business looking to understand and decode the mysteries of Digital Marketing? It’s not rocket science! As India switches to a more tech-savvy mode, here is why you should explore Digital Marketing for SMEs.

About 48% of the earth’s population uses the internet – that is about 3.2 billion people. If you can market your business to even a fraction of the population, you are a success. But Digital Marketing is not just about being big. There’s more to it than we can see.

Digital Marketing for SMEs

Digital Marketing for SMEs can sound a little scary and technical. However, the concept is simpler than you can imagine. Using any kind of electronic means to market your business is what we call Digital Marketing.

It just means promoting your business online.

Why Digital Marketing for SMEs?

There are multiple benefits of taking your business online and promoting it to the world. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider getting a digital marketing strategy for your small business:

  • It’s cost-effective
  • It helps you make direct contact with your customer
  • You can modify your strategy at any given time
  • Helps drive sales to your online business
  • It can help you build a brand name for your business
  • It will build brand value and give you better visibility
  • You can improve customer retention

Digital marketing can help take your business to new highs. Ready to start?

How to Digital-market?

There are several ways you can promote your business online. Take a look at some Digital Marketing media that SMEs can use to promote their business:


To promote any business over the internet, you will need to have an identity online. Start with an online store or a website. List your products or service on a website or store online to show customers what you offer.

Think of it like your physical store but on a computer! You can sell, collect payments and do a lot more with a website. All the limitations that your physical store had can be removes when you have an online store/website.

Wondering where to get started? Instamojo allows you to set up your online store in two minutes, FLAT!

Social Media

Once your online identity is established, you can start promoting your business on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest etc. You can place ads, hold contests and share updates with your customers via social media.

You can create a page for your business on social media and use the platforms to not just promote your services or products but also communicate with your customers, gather feedback and improve your business.


Email is another effective way of communicating about your business with your customers. When you already have an online presence – social media and website – integrating email campaigns into your marketing strategy become indispensable.

With emails, you can not only communicate product updates and offers with customers but also stay connected with them on a more personal level. This strategy can help improve your sales tremendously.

Mobile and Telephone

India’s smartphone market has been ballooning rapidly over the last few years. Currently, there are 225 million smartphone subscribers in India and the numbers are expected to multiply by next year.

You can use mobile and telephone marketing to your advantage effectively by adopting missed call marketing methods, SMS campaigns, mobile apps and push notifications.


Blogs are a great way to communicate and market your online business. You can technically write about anything related to your business. In fact, you can improve your sales just by starting a blog for your business.

That’s not it!

There are multiple things that constitute the nitty-gritty of digital marketing. Here is an image from Neil Patel’s guide to digital marketing that sums up what it’s is all about:

Neil Patel's guide to digital marketing

Keep in Mind

Digital marketing can give you great insights into your business. Therefore, using the right kind of analytics to understand the data is important.

Instamojo provides its online store users with great data analytics insights. Start your selling experience with Instamojo today!

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