Teachers Day Special – Online Coaches And Educators You Need To Follow

mojoStores Teachers Day 2020
(Last Updated On: September 7, 2020)

Happy Teachers Day to all our educators, professors, parents and that one friend who helps us study before the big exam!

Most importantly, we want to wish a happy teachers day to anyone who has used their skills and talents to educate the rest of the world.

In our mojoStores for the month, we talk about our top online coaches, tutors and educators who use Instamojo and make a difference to the world out there.

Nisha Millet – Swimming Coach

Nisha Millet’s passion for swimming got her qualified for the Olympics and the Arjuna Award. Soon, after a golden career in swimming, Nisha chose to don the teacher’s cap and started the Nisha Millet Swimming Academy in Bangalore.


She conducts daily swimming sessions and coaching for all aspiring swimmers. From toddlers to teens, Nisha Millet is busy finding the next swimming olympian for India!

Apart from coaching, the Swimming Olympian uses Instamojo to collect funds for lifeguards who have been affected by the lockdown. You can donate for the cause here. 

Deepak Kanakaraju – Digital Marketing Coach

You’ll know him as Digital Deepak, the marketing guru from Bangalore. Deepak Kanakaraju is a digital marketing expert and has helped businesses ace their marketing goals since 2008.

Deepak Kanakaraju
Deepak Kanakaraju, Founder of Pixeltrack and blogger at DigitalDeepak.com

However, seeing how many aspiring marketers required niche skills to excel on the job, Deepak took the coaching route with his blog and website Digital Deepak. He is also an author and public speaker in the field of digital marketing and has founded Pixeltrack.com

Check out his courses and marketing material here

Deepak has also worked with Instamojo and contributed to webinars, blogs and ebooks. He has curated a FREE ebook on digital marketing tips to increase traffic to your website. Click on the image to download it for free.

Digital Deepak Ebook


Sam-E Studio – Online Architecture Coach

Abdussami Mulla is a Civil Engineer who hails from Karnataka and runs an educational channel on Youtube under the brand ‘ Sam-E Studio’. Using Youtube, he conducts intriguing videos on videos on architecture and model making to over 300,000 subscribers!

Love architecture? Check out his online store ‘Sam-E Crafts’ here.

Dr Shashikant Patwardhan – Ayurvedic Coach

How many of us really know Ayurveda? Dr Shashikant is an Ayurvedic consultant and founded the website ‘Ayurvedaforyou.com‘ where he shares ebooks, online courses and consultations on ayurvedic medicine and practices.

Sign up for an online ayurvedic course here 

Rajat Jain – Lifestyle Coach

Author and wellness coach Rajat Jain conducts online workshops to help anyone looking to pave their own path and become a writing expert.

He has over 20+ years of experience in empowering people with Mindfulness practices and has actively helped in building the online authors community. He regularly coaches, and conducts online webinars and training sessions.

Check out his courses on becoming an author here

Bonus – An online coding school destroying the concept of education loans in India

Masai School is a startup based out of Bangalore and is changing technical education in the country with a ‘ Pay what you earn’ model. The school, founded by Nrupul, Prateek and Yogesh aims to turn students into holistic software engineers. Also, the school operates on the basis of Income Share Agreement. Simply put, students do not have to pay a fee!

Curious to know more? Join our LIVE session on Instagram with the founders of the school to learn more about this unique school, their new teaching methods and their vision.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering how our online teachers and tutors set up a store on our website, this video can help!


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