The greatest eCommerce love story: When Instamojo met your business ❤️

Instamojo eCommerce love story
(Last Updated On: February 14, 2023)

We’ve heard of Romeo and Juliet, Laila Majnu, Raj Simran etc. But here’s another love story to add to the list of greats! 

❤️ When Instamojo met your business  ❤️

What is love? Love is faith, trust and companionship. Love helps you grow. Love helps you find and improve the best parts of yourself. 

This does sound like a cheesy intro to a romantic movie. Blame it on all the love in the air for Valentine’s week.  

 Where does Instamojo fit into this? Well – 

Once upon a time… 

4 engineers got together. And they decided to give the MSMEs in India a fighting chance. 

Their product – a payment gateway would help small businesses grow without having to worry about the massive commissions that came with accepting online payments. 

Today, Instamojo has expanded its vision. From just a providing gateway for financial transactions, independent D2C eCommerce businesses are trusting us with their entire online businesses. 

From setting up an online store for you to helping you scale your business. We are there.

Setting safety nets, so that your business doesn’t get scared of leaping across the uncertainties of the industry. Providing you with powerful marketing tools that help you go over and beyond what you thought could be possible. 

You may have started out with just an idea. Instamojo is where we will help that idea become your best decision ever.

A love story for history books 

How do we know Instamojo is the best thing that will ever happen to you?

Here’s a sneak peek into some of our most beautiful moments. 

Coolmitra, an online store for eBooks, has seen a 1000% increase in GMV since last year. 

Aurora Hope Pins, a mojoStar selling jewellery and accessories online, has seen a 287% increase in their GMV. 

aurora hope pins

Thrust factor, an online store selling military merchandise saw a 436% increase in its GMV. 

In the past 6 months, our Smart Landing Page users have witnessed a 1000% growth or more! A few examples would be – Dreamcraft, an events company. WNY holidays, a travel company. Dr Vasu, a Life coach.



These businesses are thriving and growing.

But wait, we have more happy stories!

Delta Charms saw a 479% growth in unique customers. The Sushmanu gift gallery saw a 613% increase and M. Shenoy, an abundance workshop coach, saw at least 1000 new customers since they started last year.

Embrace happiness for your D2C business.

Choose us. Choose Instamojo.

Fall in love with us

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