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Instamojo brands on Shark tank
(Last Updated On: May 16, 2023)

Facing the sharks can be daunting. This mojoStores compilation is for those brave brand owners who started from scratch and then went on to present their idea in front of lakhs of people on live television. 

Shark Tank India is an Indian business reality TV show (based on the US franchise of the same name).  On this show, startups present their ideas to a panel and try to convince them to invest in their idea. The panel members could be other successful D2C brands, investors, CEOs etc. 

Shark tank is airing its second season now and it is ALL that anyone can talk about! 

Here are three brands that started their business journey with Instamojo and then went on to see massive success with their ventures. 

Namhya Foods 

Ridhima Arora left her corporate job to start her own business. This healthy food brand wanted people to cherish and nurture their own bodies. As a small business owner, she saw her business grow powered by Instamojo, a D2C tech company. 

Today, Namhya Foods is a success story that millions of other aspiring nutritionists and food entrepreneurs can be inspired by. 

In 2021, we interacted with her FB LIVE on mojoSeries – our short business webinar series where she imparted tidbits of tactical insights, growth strategies and her emotional connection to her brand.

Ridhima was featured in Season 1 of Shark tank India. We are proud to have seen her face the sharks and come out victorious in the end.

Namhya Foods closed a deal of Rs 50 lakh with 10% equity. Today the brand secures a monthly sales record of Rs 40 lakh and has distribution centres in UAE, UK, US, and Canada. 

Here is her episode, and her pitch to the sharks. (Ridhima did handle it a lot more confidently than we could ever have. ) 


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Leafy affair 

A garden in a bottle! This dreamy business idea was Supriya Dhonti’s. Way back in 2017, she started her business after extensive research. She started selling floral jewellery online that had little plants and leaves encased and preserved within glass. 

Here is a snippet from an interview that Supriya did with us. 

“I read about terrarium jewellery online and was at once entranced. At that moment, I knew I wanted to own a piece of this exquisite jewellery. I browsed online for hours on Indian websites but found none. However, there were numerous artists from other countries making such jewellery and their Etsy shops made me fall in love all over again. After a lot of research and multiple trial and error methods, I finally got the hang of crafting floral jewellery” 

Her brand – Leafy Affair, today has thousands of followers on social media and hundreds of loyal customers across the country. 

Despite not securing funding from the sharks in Season 2 of Shark Tank India, she did get amazing feedback and a lot of love for her floral jewellery. It comes as no surprise that her brand has been getting a lot of love since she was featured on the show.  



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Who doesn’t like reading satirical comedies? That too in the Indian context. Bakarmax is an Indian comic founded and created by Sumit Kumar.

We sat and chatted with Sumit in 2019 when he was Instamojo’s mojo maker of the month. It honestly was more of a pleasure for us getting to chat with such a witty person. 

Bakarmax was featured on Shark Tank season 1.  Here is a hilarious vlog by Sumit that encaptures his interaction with the sharks. 


These brands decided to take a chance with Instamojo, and now they are ruling the world. What are you waiting for? 

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