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(Last Updated On: March 1, 2023)

Online courses are gaining momentum every day. Professionals and creators can share their knowledge with the world digitally and build successful businesses.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with LearnPress to offer course creators a secure and fast way to collect payments from those who buy their courses.

What is LearnPress?

LearnPress is a WordPress plugin by ThimPress which can be used to effortlessly create and sell online courses. It has a simple-to-use interface and is available in both free and paid versions.

LearnPress comes with lots of powerful add-ons that complement its basic features.

Instamojo add-on for LearnPress

Recently we partnered with LearnPress to offer Instamojo payment gateway as an add-on. LearnPress users can now choose the Instamojo payment gateway to collect online payments from those who buy their courses. They can accept payment in rupees and offer customers a wide range of payment methods.

Let’s look at how LearnPress users can enable Instamojo on their accounts.

How to set up Instamojo payment gateway on LearnPress

1. To download Instamojo add-on, go to My Account on thimpress.com

2. Click Activations & Download and select Instamojo.

3. Click Install

4. To enable the add-on, navigate to Settings -> Payments tab, choose Instamojo, check the enable box, and save settings.

You have now successfully installed and enabled Instamojo on LearnPress!

Why you should choose Instamojo as your payment gateway

There are quite a few options available for payment gateways. Why choose Instamojo? More than 25 lakh businesses across India trust us to collect payments. Let’s look at the benefits you can expect while using Instamojo:

  • Safe and secure payments with the highest success rates.

  • Let customers pay with the payment method of their choice. We offer 100+ payment methods including UPI, credit cards, NEFT, and more.

  • Integration with LearnPress and any other website is easy

  • A nominal transaction fee of 5% + ₹3 + GST for digital products – no extra charges

  • Leverage convenience fees to avoid transaction fees.

  • Payout cycle of 3 days. With a nominal fee, choose faster payout options like Instant Payouts (20 mins), Same Day Payouts, and Next Day Payouts.

Want to explore more payment options online? Sign up on Instamjo, India’s leading payments and eCommerce platform.

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