Business owners, is ChatGPT the assistant you didn’t know you needed?

chatgpt for business
(Last Updated On: February 22, 2023)

The platform, launched by OpenAI in November 2022, is on the tip of everyone’s tongue and taking over Twitter feeds. Yes, we’re talking about ChatGPT.

We explored the tool to find out how it can be beneficial for business owners, especially solopreneurs. We’re excited to share these findings with you!

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT can spin-up jokes, write rap songs, draft essays, and even churn out quotes! But in what way can it benefit businesses, especially solopreneurs?

First of all, let’s look at what this new technology really is.

In its own words, “ChatGPT is an AI language model developed by OpenAI that can answer questions, generate text and carry on conversations with people in natural language, in order to assist with a variety of tasks.”


It is one of the most advanced forms of AI and it’s available to the public free of cost, for now.

In short, it’s a chatbot available 24/7 with which you can have a conversation on a variety of topics and get quick and accurate answers (well, most of the time). Here’s a casual business chat with ChatGPT:

ChatGPT for business: what you can get out of the free version

Many business owners and marketers are already raving fans of ChatGPT and other AI tools. This person claims that he saved 40 hours in various business tasks and a huge amount of money after using ChatGPT.

“AI can be a remarkable productivity tool . For example, I use AI as an instrument, an aid for sourcing and organizing ideas. AI can give writers and copywriters the dots to help us start writing (which, often, is the hardest part).” –  Eddie Shleyner of VeryGoodCopy.

We spent time asking ChatGPT to generate content for a variety of business needs. And we found out that this AI tool can help in two major ways: content marketing and generating certain code snippets.

So, if you’re prepared to collaborate with robotic allies, here are some ethical ways you can use ChatGPT to increase productivity as a business owner.

How businesses can use ChatGPT for their content needs

We know content marketing drives online businesses. Many brands, big and small, use it as a go-to marketing and lead gen method. There are also many content needs other than for marketing. And the main challenge is creating content regularly, often on a daily basis. Churning out quality content takes time, resources, and money. Here’s how you can ue ChatGPT to increase the quality and efficiency of your writing:

1. Generate content ideas in seconds: No more researching for hours to get ideas for your next social media post or blog. Just ask ChatGPT exactly what you’re looking for and it will come up with creative topics.

chatgpt for generating business content

2. Generate captions and hashtags for social media posts: Describe what the post is about and how long you want it to be. You can also put in additional details and the tone you want it to sound like. ChatGPT will churn out a caption (more than one if you ask!) accordingly.

It can also put together summaries of existing content (like a blog post) which you can use for social media captions!

3. Product descriptions and metadata: Writing descriptions for all your products can be time-consuming and boring. ChatGPT can help you out by creating both creative and SEO-based descriptions.

chatgpt for business

4. Generate FAQs for your website: Get answers to frequently asked questions by customers and use it for your website, chatbot, or auto-response on DMs. For example, you can ask “What are some FAQs customers have on shipping products from online stores”.

5. Create frameworks for emails: Automated emails to customers and other generic copy which doesn’t need a lot of creativity are the perfect content to outsource to your AI assistant. For example, let’s say you need email copy to send out when customers abandon carts:

  writing an email with chatgpt

We’re impressed!

Apart from all this, you can also type in your existing content and ask ChatGPT to rephrase it, make it more quirky, add in a punchline or check for grammatic mistakes.

Type in any problem you’re facing in your business and it will come up with helpful tips! “I feel burnt out managing my business solo”


ChatGPT can generate code quickly according to yoru request. By providing ChatGPT with a code template and a set of instructions, it can generate new code. This can be a great way to speed up your development process and learn new coding techniques if you’re coding a website for your business.


Remember that the answers it gives are the same for anyone who types in the question. So, it’s better not to use the exact answers for your content needs.

ChatGPT is trained on data from the internet — at the end of the day, it’s just a machine. If you need advice on business-related topics, this isn’t the best place to ask.

ChatGPT is notorious for occasionally generating incorrect information or biased content. It is known to give wrong information with surprising confidence! So make sure you validate the claims before using them.

It also has limited knowledge of events or knowledge after 2021, based on when the model was trained.

Have you tried ChatGPT yet?

ChatGPT (and any other AI platform) can be considered as a tool to help you out when you feel stuck — like a helpful sidekick. It cannot be a replacement for your own efforts (or your employees) in any of the above aspects; or at least not yet.

If you haven’t already tried it out, we would suggest you hurry before the creators move it out of beta and put a price tag on it!

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