For The Love of Tea – How Tia and Berry Changed the Taste of Tea In India

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(Last Updated On: February 18, 2022)

Winter is coming, and it is time to put away the cold coffee and brew a hot cup of tea for your Indian soul!

With Tia & Berry’s tea, you get the benefit of enjoying tea as a beverage and also a snack! 

Have you ever had a rum and raisin tea? Neither have we, but it sounds like a delicious treat for a cold day. This month, we sat to brew a story with Tia & Berry – a premium tea brand based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

We spoke to Amit Shah, Founder and Brewmaster, to know more about this colourful and unique brand! 

What is Tia & Berry about? 

Like many other tea brands, Tia & Berry started with one purpose; to make and produce quality tea leaves. However, Amit saw more potential in taking the brand one step ahead – mixing flavours for a more enriched experience! 

The idea for Tia & Berry was born when Amit’s company started business operations with “Chime”, a brand that manufactured “Chai-Machines.” Their machines brewed Tea using flavour caps or pods, which Amit supplied to them.

Tea has been in my family since 1929. I knew the nitty-gritty of the business and thus decided to launch Tia & Berry as a brand that sold artisanal full leaf Assam and Darjeeling teas with various gourmet flavours and healthy blends. – Amit

Amit started Tia &  Berry for one main reason – he wanted Indians to experience the luxury of sipping on a premium blend of natural tea and eclectic flavours. 

Tia and Berry - Instamojo 1
Amit Shah, Founder of Tia & Berry, busy at work

How Tia and Berry stand out from the rest of the tea-m!

Have you ever heard of Litchi tea, wine tea or blueberry cardamom tea?!

Neither have we, and it already makes the brand stand out so distinctly from the rest of the beaten path.

Tia and Berry also believe in the “Go Green” concept. Therefore, they only use biodegradable  PLA Mesh Tea Bags – something that is still new to the Indian tea market. 

Also, the tea brand offers a wide variety of blends for customers to pick and choose from.

We import the best natural flavours to create unique blends like the Rum & Raisin and Wine & Smoke tea, which you won’t find anywhere else in the market – Amit

Tia and Berry - product Instamojo
Tia & Berry Tea

How does Tia and Berry Source their tea?

Amit’s family has been dealing in purchasing, selling and export of tea since over seven decades for three generations now. In a lesson of how it is important to maintain healthy professional relationships with people who work with you, Amit’s family formed a great relationship with some of the best tea estates in Assam and Darjeeling.

With our experience and loyalty, we’ve been sourcing premium quality Tea leaves from these gardens for our brands – Amit 

But it comes at a price too – 

One of the major tasks the brand faced on entering the market was the lack of information people in India had about tea – despite the popularity of the beverage.  Amit and his team worked hard to convince the public that Tea is not just a brew that has to be had in the morning.

We are trying to inform people about the various flavours and styles in which they can have a luxurious experience of having Tea. We also educate people about the kind of taste and food pairings that can go well with our blends. 


For the love of tea –  how the future looks for Tia and Berry

The brand has a strong online presence through its website, which displays 18 beautiful gourmet and wellness Tea blends that can be purchased online.

” We are researching and developing many new flavours currently, with the goal of introducing over 50 new blends in the coming few years. We also wish to extend this experience outside too, with Tea tasting and drinking sessions at cafes, retail outlets, malls, etc”. – Amit

Let’s clink our teacups – How Instamojo and Tia and Berry work together:

You are probably already craving the delicious tea from here. All you need to do is visit their online store on the Tia and Berry Website. Click on a product you like and make a payment. 

Now, this is where we come in.

Tia and Berry started using Instamojo’s most popular service – our payment links. 

“Over time, we’ve developed as partners by providing our customers with best value for money on Tia & Berry products on our website and Instamojo. The team at Instamojo is very prompt and friendly and thus helping us grow too.” – Amit 

Instamojo is Tia & Berry’s primary payment gateway, and quite popular with the website. Despite having other options too, the majority of Tia and Berry customers who buy their products use Instamojo to pay or create an account for the purchase.

Overall, it is a win-win scenario for us and Instamojo too. – Amit

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It’s never too late to start your own business. Let’s discuss it over some tea!

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