10 Time Management Tips for Sales Professionals

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(Last Updated On: June 8, 2021)

Are you a sales representative having productivity issues? At Instamojo, we are always trying to make the most of a sales day, therefore, I came up with a few time management tips that usually help the business team.

How productive are you?

Studies show that sales reps spend just 1/3rd of their day selling, while the rest of their time is spent on –

  • Evaluating data
  • Reporting
  • Prioritizing calls
  • Qualifying leads

To manage your sales day efficiently, it is essential to make lists, prioritize tasks, eliminate distractions, and maintain an organized time management system.

At Instamojo too, we have had issues dividing our time and optimally utilizing the 8 hours at work. But with constant experimenting and diligent executing, we have managed to come up with a few best practices that help us be more productive throughout the day.

10 Top tips for sales professionals to follow 

1. Lead prioritization

Rather than simply working on a list of subjective names and emails, start scoring leads based on their likelihood to close. Get a clear understanding of the type of leads that will generate the most value for your business and achieve revenue goals.

2. Focus on lead quality

Do not focus on the number of leads you are been assigned to rather focus on the quality of leads.

3. Identify the right time to make calls

Figure out what time works best for follow-ups and cold calling.

For example: If the majority of calls gets answered between 11 am to 1 pm then make sure you make more calls during this period of time. If calls go unanswered during early hours of the day or during late evening hours, you could use that time to work on emails or on sales proposals/agreements.

4. Draft a follow-up email after every call

As you are done with your calls write a follow-up email to the prospect summarizing what you have discussed and what you have agreed on the next steps. Input all your notes into your CRM.

5. Invest in sales tools

Automate the data collection process as much as possible so that you spend more time making calls and land sales. If you are looking for better tips on automation for time management, we have an eBook for you to refer to, for free! 

Ebook Webinar automation tools instamojo 2020

6. Assess yourself

Measure how much time are you spending selling. This step can help you identify any issues hindering your sales performance. Focus on action-based metrics like:

  • Leads assigned
  • Leads qualified
  • Number of leads contacted/follow-ups done
  • Emails sent
  • number of leads closed

7. Weekend review

Best time management trick we follow – Do a quick review of your personal sales forecast every week, preferably on Fridays.

Take a look at how many opportunities have progressed down the sales pipeline so far and where you stand on the target for the month. This helps you plan for the rest of the month and calculate the number of opportunities you need to add to your pipeline to hit your sales targets.

8. Choose a pattern

Assign specific tasks to specific days.

For example: do cold calling on Mondays. Follow up with the prospects on Tuesdays, and work on the sales pipeline on Wednesdays.

It’s exciting to chase new business but also make sure to make time for existing clients.

Schedule a time to follow up with them for feedback, to update them with the new launches and features, to request them for referrals and testimonials.

9. Use a calendar

“Calendar” all your commitments. If your follow-ups are going to take a couple of hours, stick to the commitment and block your calendar. If you need to prepare for a sales meeting or an internal team meeting schedule it. Stick to the calendar.

Need a reliable resource? Here are calendar templates to help you assess goals and manage time.

10. Manage Email

Empty your inboxes in the early hours of the day.

Reply back to fewer priority emails during the non-prospecting hours. Use personal folders and move emails to specific folders like “task box,” “High priority,” “ Agreements,” “Low priority,” etc.

Following these little pointers has helped me and my team manage our sales day much more efficiently. While no two teams operate the same way, these general to-do’s can help you make the most of your business day.

Is there any specific routine/ritual that helps you start off your day and manage it better? Feel free to comment on this blog or hit me up on monica@instamojo.com.

This blog is penned by Monica Krishna, Manager of Inbound Business at Instamojo.

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