Top 5 eCommerce Website Themes for Your Online Store

ecommerce website themes
(Last Updated On: November 16, 2021)

Selling on your own eCommerce website is the best way to increase your customer base and grow your business online. And, having a theme that suites your products and brand is crucial to make your online store the best in looks and in use.

On Instamojo, you can choose from more than 25 store themes exclusively for eCommerce. With a premium store theme, you can stand out from the crowd, improve user experience, and make your business memorable! Here are 5 of the top picks from Instamojo premium eCommerce website themes.


5 Best eCommerce Website Themes

We have made a list we’ve compiled of our favourite eCommerce website themes on Instamojo store platform along with some featured online stores for inspiration!

1. Runway Theme – best for accessories business

ecommerce website theme
Runway Theme

The Runway theme is perfect for accessories and clothing businesses. It has a simple layout with detailed categories and sub-categories. Choose this eCommerce website theme if you sell a wide range of products.

Madraskarri, an Instamojo merchant store that sells accessories, uses the Runway theme.

online store themes
Madraskarri Online Store

2. Fluorescent Theme – best for arts and crafts business

ecommerce website themes
Fluorescent Theme

Fluorescent is an immensely popular eCommerce website theme, suited to all manner of products. However, it is especially geared towards selling products such as homemade arts and crafts products. You will have a detailed About Us page and other category pages.

Yagyamay is an online store that sells traditional antiques on Instamojo online store platform using the Fluorescent theme. Have a look at the store:

ecommerce website themes
Yagyamy Online Store

3. Essence Theme – best for service-based business

online store theme for service based business
Essence Theme

If you are a service based brand, you need a neat and stable stable structure for your eCommerce website theme. You will also need an About Us section to elaborate your brand vision. In that case, we recommend using the Essence theme as your online store theme.

4. Cipher Theme – best for clothes business

ecommerce website themes
Cipher Theme

Cipher is a free online store theme available on Instamojo. This theme is suitable for any kind of business: from clothing and accessories to furniture and plants. It’s simply presented and with a good use of white space giving enough room for each section.

Pocketfriendlyzone, an online clothing store, uses Cipher theme. Their products are arranged in a sequenced way with lots of space in between elements.

5. Organic Theme – best for organic products-based business

eCommerce website themes
Organic Theme

Are you a brand selling spices, herbs, or any other organic products? If so, the Organic theme is for you. You will get a green-coloured banner to match your products. It will resonate with your brand well.

Abanaspices sells traditional masalas and spices. They use the Organic theme.

eCommerce website themes
Abana Spices

Not all themes work with all kinds of products. Therefore, consider the following aspects before selecting a theme for your store.

  • The colour schemes
  • Product display and aesthetics
  • Features like category, header, and footer

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Here’s a short video about setting up your online store:

Ready to start your own eCommerce website with a gorgeous theme? Sign up for free on Instamojo and start creating your online store that suites your brand!

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