5 Online Business TV Ads that Show Online is the Future

TV Ads
(Last Updated On: June 6, 2021)

What was the last advertisement/TV commercial you saw? TV Ads are a psychological tool that pitches an idea to your subconscious. Of late, all the talk about a digital economy and a cashless society has spurred several digital and media ads that show online is the way to go for small businesses.

Take Your Business Online:

There are multiple advantages of taking your business online:

  • Your market share increases – you have global access and the world is your market.
  • You save on operational costs considerably.
  • Less paper work makes keeping track of operations easier.
  • You can provide better customer service on the internet.
  • Keep track of payments
  • Communicate better

But why take advice from a boring list?

Take it from the celebrities and these awesome online business TV ads. Here are 5 TV commercials endorsed by famous faces of India that tell you exactly what it is to take your business online and how it can help:

  1. “Bohot Ho Gaya Offline Binness, Ab Online Hoga” – Aamir Khan TVAd

This new Star Plus ad features Aamir Khan in his Dangal-ish avatar explaining how his business multiplied because his daughters took it online. Check it out:

  1. Online can help you get “closer” – Thomas cook TV Ad

Nothing is worth getting your girlfriend/biwi annoyed. Similarly in business, nothing is worth getting your customers annoyed. When you’re online, your customers can easily get access to your business in minutes without having to run around. This can help you multiply your customer base.

  1. Starting up? Location no bar! – IDEA

The government of India is taking major steps to make electricity and internet available to all villages in India. If you thought you possibly could not take a business online when one is based out a remote area, you must watch this:

  1. Because, all you need is a little help and a little love – Google

There’s no age to start a business at. You can be an entrepreneur at 16 or 60, it doesn’t matter. You just need the magic of the internet!

  1. Everything is better when it’s at your fingertips, according to Farhan Akhtar!

We all love easy stuff, anything that doesn’t require too much effort and gets the work done. When you are using the internet or have an online service facility, you provide customers ease of access and also communicate better. Everything your customer needs can be at his/her fingertips which makes you their favorite brand to go to.

Watch Farhan Akhtar explain that in this ad for IndusInd Bank:

BONUS VIDEO: Don’t have an online business? You can start in just two FLAT minutes with Instamojo!

Ready to take your business online?


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