What destroys the trust of customers online (and builds it + a free report) 

eCommerce trust report 2022
(Last Updated On: May 23, 2023)

As an online seller, knowing what destroys the trust of consumers online brings you one step closer to building a relationship of a lifetime.

In a physical space like a mall, just like a consumer trusts the salesperson’s intent after a brief interaction, an online consumer does the same with you. So for small businesses that are starting out, and need to acquire customers, building that basic level of trust becomes crucial. 

If a new customer decides to take a leap of faith and completes a purchase on your online store, it is up to you after that to make them believe that it was a leap well taken. 

Trust (especially in the eCommerce context) 

eCommerce in the most basic sense is transactions over the internet. These are faceless strangers on the internet that an online consumer is choosing to interact with. 

For online consumers, the brand and its persona are the salespeople. And the website is the mall store that they would usually go into. 

What destroys the trust of customers 

Here are the most basic ways in which online sellers can destroy the trust that consumers are placing in them. 

Not delivering on time

53% of the respondents hated shopping online because they cannot have the product instantly. So if they are purchasing a product online, they are first checking the delivery timeline. Following these timelines diligently can help make a good impression. 

You don’t have to promise an express delivery or 2-day delivery, but promise what you know is feasible. To know your shipping and delivery timelines accurately, you need to partner with good and effective shipping services. 

Products  delivered don’t match the website information 

This is the worst possible scenario. A buyer has chosen to buy a product or service based on the information that you had online. If the product does NOT match what was promised, or what they expected, then you have lost the customer. 

This is where product descriptions, return policies, testimonials play an important role. 

These are just the basic requirements. In addition to these, the other things that really irk customers are:

  1. Unsecure payment gateway
  2. Horrible customer support
  3. Email or text spam

Trust = More sales 

When an online consumer can trust you, they would also buy from you again. Not only that, but they would also indulge in other practices that help independent sellers grow their businesses.

the reviews and recommendations left by happy customers can help sellers get new customers. It also allows them to understand what products are working and what is not.

In fact, our research showed that 45% of sellers wanted feedback so that they could expand their product lines and get the highest ROI.

The release of our FREE eCommerce report 2022 

The eCommerce Trust Report 2022 studies the impact of trust on eCommerce businesses and explores strategies to build it.

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