How Bizgurukul is redefining online education with integrity

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2022)

Everyone has had those teachers who were really knowledgeable, but just did not know how to teach! As a student, if you do not grasp concepts and then utilise them efficiently – what is the point? Bizgurukul wants to change this narrative.

The co-founders of this edTech platform,  Rohit Sharma, Ritwiz Tiwari, and Keshave Lal wanted to create a learning space where the skills taught were relevant to current industry needs. Nearly everyone has access to the internet today, so why not use it to make a career?

With a carefully curated selection of hard and soft skills, Bizgurukul wants its students to monetize what they learn and build a sustainable careers for themselves. With the help of 200+ trainers, Bizgurukul has helped upskill more than 1.5 lakh students! 

We talk to Rohit Sharma about the state of edTech today, Bigurukul’s vision and their modern approach to education. Let’s dive in!


Will the edTech industry still be relevant after Covid? 

Rohit: “Even though Covid was unimaginably painful, these times also showed us what the technology was capable of. Once people were forced to study or work online, they realised not only was it possible but it also came with multiple advantages. 

People now had access to any type of education or skill development they wanted. They could attend webinars or sessions conducted by professors in New York while sitting in New Delhi. 

Once people got a taste of the convenience that online education can bring, there was no going back to this industry. Even though Covid is receding, it’ll continue in waves for the near future.

I am predicting at least 10 years of robust growth for the edTech industry not just in India, but the world.” 

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What is the gap that Bizgurukul is trying to fulfil?

Rohit: “Well, not one, but Bizgurukul is working on fulfilling two gaps. 

1. Modern industry needs are not fulfilled by textual information. 

What is taught in colleges today does not always reflect what the modern industry needs are. There have been times when I and Ritwiz (Co-founder of Bizgurukul) have discussed how colleges have these mandatory industry visits or internships.

But the college admin does not really check if these mandatory requirements were actually successful in instilling applicable knowledge in the students. 

For eg: If a student did a social media internship, the certificate shouldn’t be enough or even required. What was the engagement reach they could achieve, what kind of creative posts did they put out, and how many followers did they see?” 

“At Bizgurukul, we teach digital skills that are relevant to current industry needs and can be utilised to build a stable livelihood.” 


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2. We move beyond mindless consumption of information 

Rohit: “Selling online courses or digital tutoring is not a new concept. But we have decided to ensure we focus on quality and not quantity. 

We want to deliver value instead of over-focusing on profits. This is why we don’t just stop at curating online courses. We also indulge in a sort of hand-holding process that allows the student to actually use the skills learnt and start monetizing them.

With multiple follow-ups and consultation, we ensure that the skills that were taught in a course were then actually applied by the student to either start earning independently or get relevant jobs.


What are the values you see contributing to the success of Bizgurukul? 

Rohit:  “We have stayed consistent with a single value system that has dictated every single employee’s decision-making process at Bizgurukul. And has also ultimately resulted in our continued growth for the past two years. 

A – Act to wow 

We need to constantly ensure the work we are doing is innovative and of value. 

R – Respect  

We acknowledge that any successful business is the outcome of the hardwork of ALL its employees, support staff, and also consumers. We regularly go on trips and ensure every single member feels like a family. 

I – Integrity 

At Bizgurukul, it’s important for us to deliver value with integrity and are accountable to those who choose our services. 

S – Service mindset 

We constantly conduct quality checks to ensure the service we provide is top quality. 

E – Excellence 

The modern world has no place for mediocrity. We have made a promise to constantly work on ourselves and chase excellence.” 


Explain to our readers, how does your affiliate marketing model work? 

Rohit: “In our affiliate marketing model, interested individuals get a percentage commission when someone enrols in a course through their marketing efforts. 

The difference? We do not want anyone to recommend courses without knowing about the product themselves. 

That is why we offer the affiliate program only to Bizgurukul students. See if you like it, can understand it and see the value. Then you can go ahead and get new leads for the course.” 

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How does one break into the edTech industry? 

Rohit:  “Today, our attention spans are reducing every day. We have an influx of data almost every single hour on social media. The educator needs to be able to break through this clutter. 


An online educator needs to either understand what are the gaps that education currently has and fill those, or they need to be able to teach the traditional concepts with innovation.” 

How has Instamojo helped you with your business? 

Rohit: I think what really impressed our team was the sheer simplicity of Instamojo. I make it a point to recommend instamojo to entrepreneurs whenever I can. 

You can find everything you need, your last payments, analytics, customer insights, customer management – everything on one single dashboard. The customer service has also always been on point.

We have been long-time customers of Instamojo since our inception 2 years ago, and we hope to continue seeing massive growth on this eCommerce platform. ”

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