What Should Your Business Do When Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Crash?

WhatsApp crash
(Last Updated On: March 10, 2022)

The country has witnessed an increase in WhatsApp Crashes over the past few months. Just last week, the popular social media and messaging app owned by Facebook crashed for over 45 minutes for thousands of users. 

Normally, this is not something to panic over. But if you run a business and you rely on WhatsApp or Facebook or even Instagram for customer engagement; this is not a simple matter. 

Why is WhatsApp and Facebook crashing? 

Over 53 crore Indians use WhatsApp. During the WhatsApp crash, over 49% of users faced connection issues, and 48% were not able to send or receive messages on the platform. 

In 2020 alone, 4 major WhatsApp outages have occurred, with the longest outage being over 3 hours! Most of the time, social media apps crash because of backend technical issues being resolved. WhatsApp has always been prone to bugs, ‘crash codes’ and spam messages, but a global or national outage often happens due to a technical repair job. 

Why should your business take social media outage seriously? 

To understand this, here’s what you need to know about social media platforms. WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are 3 of the most commonly used platforms for business communication and selling. 

This means a WhatsApp crash could lose you a potential lead! 

Besides this: 

Customers prefer mobile messaging

According to messengerpeople.com,  over 91% of India’s internet population uses mobile for their digital tasks; from shopping to messaging. Most of your customers prefer browsing from their phone. An app crash means thousands of customers cannot access your social media profile, watch videos, engage with your content or message you. 

Sure, this does not mean they will not interact again on your page; but why allow this to become an issue? 

Small businesses prefer social media

Did you know that WhatsApp has a 91.7% reach for social media applications for users in India? Instagram is now the most preferred social media platform for India’s youth. According to a statement by Business Insider, over 55% of younger consumers who purchase from independent retailers discovered brands via social media, compared to 45% of middle-aged consumers. 

hootsuite-messengerpeople-whatsapp crash-social media app outage

You could lose potential customers

The longest WhatsApp crash lasted about 3 hours, which is not too long for a customer, but it does matter to your business. When you set up a WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook presence, you need to keep in constant touch with your customers and address any queries or doubts. 

More than 58% of customers find brands through recommendations on social media, so ignoring an app crash could cost you a new customer. 

What to do when Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp crash 

This might surprise you, but your customers will not stay calm! Owing to the increasing number of times the apps crash, several netizens take to Twitter to tweet their panic about the apps crashing and being unable to post or browse. THAT is your moment to shine as a conscious brand.

Keep customers informed 

Keep calm and get online! If one app is down, keep your communication active on another. When you get wind of a WhatsApp crash or Instagram and Facebook outage, send an email or SMS alert to your customers. You can do this once you set up your free online store and send up to 5000 emails and 1000 SMSes to your customer base. 

It may not be a huge deal, but if Facebook thinks it is important to alert folks about their website and app being down, so should you. 

Allow customers to revert as soon as the app is back online 

Your customers spend roughly 5 hours on social media apps. They will b completely aware of a social media app crash and if not, this is your opportunity to indulge in a little engagement.

Put out a tweet, a post, a story or a simple message on WhatsApp assuring customers that the app(WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram)  is working now and business is back to normal. 

Choose an alternative platform to sell 

Could a long social media outage cost you a potential new customer? Perhaps, but you can reach out to them with a leads collection tool on the Instamojo online store. What about your current customers? If your social media sees a temporary outage, how do your customers reach you or check out your products and services? Give them an alternative. 

You can always have an alternative. Keep your business active across platforms. Do not rely on only one source to run your business, at least in the long run.

You can set up an online store with Instamojo for free, and upgrade it later to suit your brand needs. Having an Instamojo online store is beneficial because –

  1. It allows customers to browse calmly while social media is out
  2. All potential leads get collected in one place so you can reach out to them via SMS and email
  3. You can communicate with your customers via LIVE chat on the store until the apps are back up
  4. You can continue to upload new products and services without any hassle


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