How WhatsApp Payments in India Could Work

WhatsApp Payments in India
(Last Updated On: June 6, 2021)

Making payments directly through WhatsApp could soon be a possibility. Does that excite you? Here’s the low down on how WhatsApp payments could work, once launched in India.


As per several medial reports, WhatsApp will soon be enabling UPI-based payments on its platform in India. The company is expected to roll out a person-to-person payment mode in the coming six months. This could allow WhatsApp to tap into its 200-million Indian user base and monetize on the government’s plan to make India, a digital economy.

How It Could Possibly Work:

If WhatsApp chooses to enable UPI-based payments, this is how it could probably work (Via The Ken):

 1: Link WhatsApp Number to UPI VPA (Virtual Payment Address).

2: Upon authentication, choose the “pay” option.

3: Choose contact you want to pay to from address book.

4: Enter amount you want to pay.

5: Enter PIN to verify

 6: Amount transferred to beneficiary account.

Please Note: This is how WhatsApp payments could *possibly* work. This is a projection and we do not claim ownership/knowledge of the process WhatsApp could be working on.

WhatsApp could take six months or so to roll out the payments service, media reports claim.

But Why Wait that Long?

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Upon signing up, you can create a customized payment link in your Instamojo Dashboard and send it to your customer/friend you need to collect money from.

All They Have to Do is:

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1: Click on the link

2: Enter card details

3: Enter PIN/OTP/3D Secure password

4: Payment is done

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Modes of payment via Instamojo

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Send payment links via WhatsApp

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