Is WhatsApp Payments Safe To Transfer Money?

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(Last Updated On: January 25, 2023)

Have you been using WhatsApp payments? While it allows you to send money easily to anyone that has it enabled in your contacts, it also comes with questions of privacy. Is your financial data safe with WhatsApp?

WhatsApp sharing your data with Facebook?

While your WhatsApp messages are encrypted end-to-end, your payments data may not be very safe.

According to this TechRadar report, WhatsApp’s terms and conditions have a few clauses that could mean they are sharing your financial data to Facebook. This is what the clause looks like:

To send payment instructions to PSPs, maintain your transaction history, provide customer support, and keep our Services safe and secure, including to detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, safety, security, abuse, or other misconduct, we share information we collect under this Payments Privacy Policy with third-party service providers including Facebook

What could this mean for you?

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal has raised new questions about invasion of privacy in the digital space.

Whatsapp recently introduced payments via UPI (see how it works) in India in closed beta. This allows users to conduct payments over the virtual payment address (VPA) that is linked to your bank account. There are growing concerns about whether  Whatsapp payments is a safe way to transfer money.

Whatsapp stores information of your monetary transactions like amount, date, time, frequency and receiver’s VPA to forward it to payment service providers. It then gathers this information and shares it with Facebook. Does Facebook use this data yet? 

On its official website, WhatsApp says:

“Facebook does not use WhatsApp payment information for commercial purposes, it simply helps pass the necessary payment information to the bank partner and NPCI. In some cases, we may share limited data to help provide customer support to you or keep payments safe and secure.”

Why not try a safer way to pay?

Worried about your financial data being misused? Why not try a safer method to collect or transfer money online?

At Instamojo, we believe in keeping the information of our users safe and in no way do we misuse the information. After setting up an account on Instamojo, all you have to do is create a payment link and share it on Whatsapp to enable transactions.

This is easy, simple and more accessible. Instamojo is PCI-DDS compliant and your transactional data is 100% safe and secure. 

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS ) is a set of rules widely accepted in the payments industry to protect cardholders from online frauds and misuse of their personal information. PCI-DSS helps in securing safe payment solutions and protection from information theft.

The KYC data that you link with Instamojo is only used for verification, so we can help prevent fraud. This helps to ensure your safety and security. The core idea of Instamojo is to ensure the safety and security of its customers. Your transaction data and personal information with Instamojo are safe.

At instamojo, your privacy is our utmost concern. What’s more? You can also set up your business in under two-minutes for free. Try the safer, secure and the easiest way to collect payments today.


  1. It is a nice post, Thank you for providing important information. I have read the post and it’s very useful to me.

  2. Before reading these articles, I was confused about whether Whatsapp payments is a good option to make transactions with the client after Instamojo.

    But now, my confusion cleared.

    Thanks for your kind information!

  3. Before reading these articles, I was confused about whether Whatsapp payments is a good option to make transactions with the client after Instamojo.

    But now, my confusion cleared.

    Thanks for your kinda information!

  4. WhatsApp Payments feature has been rolled out in India.

    As you mentioned that users data can be misused, I do agree with your point. For me, I never try Whatsapp Payments.

    However, Instamojo services are enough for my requirements. I must say thank tou you for your kind services.

  5. Hey,
    WhatsApp Payments is safe or not, but when it launch in the India, Still in my WhatsApp there is any option to pay.

  6. I think WhatsApp payments are secure but as mass people will try to use it due to ease of access, most likely chances of frauds and security breach are high. I’d rather go dedicated solutions like Instamojo or simply use BHIM app for transaction.

  7. Thanks for the article. It really assists my business. I’ve been going through WhatsApp Payments Safe To Transfer Money?

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