How The Instamojo Online Store Happened – Our Beginning Story

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(Last Updated On: May 25, 2021)

Selling things online could be a tiring process – buy a domain, find an e-commerce platform or host your website, customise it, set up a payment processor + a ton of other painful tasks.

At Instamojo, we’re removing these roadblocks in your journey as an entrepreneur. We began by creating simple links for you to sell products, easy integrations and a competitive flat price.

Today, we’re going one step further with the launch of the first version of our online store. We’re giving thousands of merchants a whole new identity and a sparkling online presence. You don’t need a fancy tech team for this, so go ahead and start customizing your store now.

What’s new in our store?

Instamojo’s online store is customizable, giving you the full power to showcase your unique identity. Make it beautiful, make it you.

free online store

The header section features a cover section, description, location and links to your social media and website – all things that put you first and help you tell your story.

Products are listed as cards. The card based layout makes your store look gorgeous on mobile too.
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We recommend the following image sizes (min):

Profile Image – 160px x 160px

Cover Image – 1100px x 200px

Product Card Image – 312px x 224px


We launched this with a bang – check out an example gorgeous looking storefronts.

how to start my own online store

What’s more?

Abhi toh party shuru hui hai – our motto. Watch out for amazing features like Shopping Cart, featured products, advanced analytics, and much more. Instamojo gives you a powerful selling experience. Get started in two-flat minutes!