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Women Entrepreneurs
(Last Updated On: May 19, 2023)

This International Day of the Girl Child, let’s join hands to celebrate the women around us like we should every day.

Women entrepreneurs in India are fighting a battle every day. They combat sexism, financial bias and low moral support from family and peers.

But that does not stop them. If anything, women entrepreneurs in India are on the rise, with over 85% increase in women taking up leadership roles in companies and over 20% increase in women setting up their own businesses.

Here are 3 women we want to give a huge shout-out to for being awesome businesswomen, mothers, daughters, activists, caregivers, and most importantly for being women of grit and purpose.

3 Inspiring women entrepreneurs of Instamojo

We do not waste time showing off our businesses. These 3 Indian women entrepreneurs are on the move to make a change and help society evolve.

Sudha S Narayanan, Founder Trustee – CARE

When was the last time you fed a stray animal or cared for one that got wounded? Sudha Narayan is an animal lover who walks the talk!

She comes with over 2 decades of experience in the animal welfare sector, both domestic and wild. CARE works on shoe-string budgets to help cater to wounded and ailing animals across Bangalore.

Women Entrepreneurs who Rock our Instamojo Online store
Sudha with an adorable CARE resident

Charlies Animal Rescue Centre – CARE, is one of the most trusted animal rescue centers in Bangalore.

CARE was started to carry forward the kindness, compassion, and love Charlie, an indie pup imparted to the lives he touched. He was a 15-year-old, 3-legged miracle who despite his own shortcomings was an established figure in the field of canine therapy.

Care about animals the way Sudha does? You can donate to CARE  here. 

CARE is home to animals that range from cats and dogs to pigs and calves. These animals have found a safe abode at CARE, despite facing special conditions and ailments.

Here’s a special shout-out to a lady who cares and dared to set the social wheel rolling.

Puja Bajpai, A Krazy Mug

An Interior designer by profession, Puja followed her passion for art and has added a ton of colour with her unique products to so many houses in India.

puja bajpai instamojo
Puja Bajpai, Chief designer of Krazy Mug

Her brand – A Krazy Mug brings out her love for art and is a sight for sore eyes. Her store offers premium handpainted decor, which adds life to even the most boring of home decor.

Women Entrepreneurs who Rock our Instamojo Online store
A Krazy mugs store on Instamojo

The products are hand-painted by skilled artisans who add oodles of character and a backstory to everything they sell. Her products range from kitchen and bar accessories to tableware and home decor.

Be sure to check out her Krazy Mugs online store on Instamojo

Sonal Jain, Boondh

Talking about menstruation or menstrual health is almost taboo. Thousands of women in rural and urban areas both, bear the brunt of this.

To challenge this norm, Sonal Jain, started Boondh. It is a social enterprise, which helps educate and cater to the needs of women with sustainable menstrual hygiene products.

Women Entrepreneurs who Rock our Instamojo Online store
Source: http://www.boondh.co

BOONDH, promotes a safe harbour for women to talk about menstrual health with no associated taboo. They provide affordable and good quality menstrual cups and other menstrual hygiene products.

boondh cups
The famous Boondh menstrual cups

Boondh’s menstrual cups are both eco-friendly and healthy as compared to regular pads and tampons. The organisation, powered by strong women who are tired of the period taboo, educate women all over India. They cover topics centred around feminine hygiene, the female reproductive system and the

Check out their Boondh online store on Instamojo

Women entrepreneurs – It’s time for your big break!

Tired of hearing that women cannot do it? You don’t need to prove anything to anyone except yourself! If you have a dream business, set it up today. The world could always use more women in power!

If you need a leg to start your business on, we offer you our free online store to sell, market and spread the word about your business.

With our online store, you can not only showcase your products but also collect easy online payments and also ship your products.



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