Why Women’s Day 2019 Meant Everything To Instamojo

Women's Day at Instamojo
(Last Updated On: January 25, 2023)

Happy International Women’s Week 2019!

At Instamojo, we look for an opportunity to celebrate. This year, for Women’s Day, we organised a fun two-day Women’s Day Bazaar at Garuda Mall, Bangalore and calling it a fun event would be an understatement.

Our event featured over 28 women entrepreneurs and their brands. The all women-flea market took place on March 8th and 9th and gathered a huge audience of excited buyers and sellers.

The goal of our Women’s Day Bazaar was to celebrate the spirit of women entrepreneurs and empower women by providing an offline platform for generating more sales & visibility.

Women's Day at Instamojo

#Balanceforbetter with Instamojo’s women entrepreneurs:

This year’s theme for women empowerment was ‘Balance for better’, fighting for an opportunity to give women more representation for the future. A gender-balanced world, a world of equal opportunities.

The Women’s Day Bazaar did not feature a great selection of products alone. There was a fun photo booth where people came and clicked photos, to show their support for #Balanceforbetter, with the signature pose. The photo booth was definitely a crowd puller, with several folks waiting to strike a pose.

The #Balanceforbetter pose

How Instamojo helps women entrepreneurs

Women’s Day is not just meant for brands to have discounts and offers. This is a day to empower women, to show them the world is theirs, and their time is now.

Apart from offering our women entrepreneurs a platform to have an online store, we also wanted them to be able to interact with the people who love their brand and products. Luckily, every one of them was excited to be part of the Women’s Day Bazaar.

Women's Day at Instamojo

“I have been knitting sweaters and other things since I was 19. But I have never put up a shop like this. Thanks to Instamojo, this has been a great experience.” – Manju Singh, kilkari.

Women's Day at Instamojo


Offline vs Online presence

While the entrepreneurs at the bazaar have an existing digital presence with Instamojo, we wanted them to get exposure to an offline crowd too.

With this bazaar, a lot of women-run small businesses came into the picture and got a chance to meet a lot of their loyal and new customers face to face. They got to talk about their business, their inspirations, their success stories and click pictures with their customers too.

Woman's Day at Instamojo


Instamojo promotes all types of  Micro and Small Business, especially those run by women. We empower women entrepreneurs through our mojomakers series, webinars and store of the day and the Women’s Day Bazaar was our first step to power these digital businesses to go offline.

Womens Day at Instamojo

The Women’s Day Bazaar:

The bazaar saw a wide range of products and brands with categories from Jewellery, Bags, Footwears, Stoles, Home Decor, Plants, Craft Items, Home-based Organic Soaps, Energy Bars/ chocolates and more.

Womens Day at Instamojo

Pikkle Shikkle

Satbir Saluja, owner of Pikkle Shikkle, a homemade Punjabi Pickle brand started her business 4 years ago. ” I started making pickles and jams for my kids’ friends and they loved it.

Today, my husband helps source the raw material and my kids help me take care of social media, designing, and packaging. I have 4 helpers who help me make the food items. My items always sell because I focus on quality – no preservatives, full of love. ”

Womens Day at Instamojo
The proud Pikkle Shikkle Family


Like Satbir, there are many other enterprising women who started a small business in their homes and grew exponentially over the years. Kohil, the owner of Ijyah, left her senior leadership position in HR at Hewlett Packard to follow her entrepreneurial dream.

Women's Day
Kohil, owner of Ijyah at the Women’s Day Bazaar

“I love doing this over a 9-6 job any day,” says a beaming Kohil.

She greets customers visiting her handloom jutis and sarees stall at the bazaar. Our women entrepreneurs were thrilled to interact with their customers, even the window shoppers!

There was an abundance of appreciation for the variety of brands and unique products each woman sold at the bazaar. 

Women's day at Instamojo

“I love when people come to my stall to try my pickles and jams and sweets. Even if they don’t buy it, they appreciate it and it makes me very happy!” -Satbir Singh Saluja, Pikkle Shikkle

The two-day Women’s Day Bazaar came to a close on Saturday, March 9th.

Women's Day at InstamojoOur mojoites and a few of our women entrepreneurs

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  1. It was a great event. I missed the opportunity. I also own a brand Neenu’s Natural in Bangalore who manufactures natural and homemade sweets, snacks, pickles, masalas and much more to be added. I would like to be a part of this event in future. I would definitely follow your social media for the same.

    1. Hi Neenu

      Congratulations on your business. Please do set up your online store or payment links with us and we would love to help you with your business.

  2. I am really satisfied with this posting that you have given us. This is really nice work done by you. Thank you and looking for more posts.

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