‘Women’s March’: Our Favourite Online Stores For Women This Month

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(Last Updated On: May 25, 2021)

This weekend, why not sit back, relax and celebrate being a woman? 

We have picked out our favourite online stores for women exclusively to enjoy this special weekend. While companies and brands go crazy with campaigns and women empowerment propaganda – all we want is some respite and a good laugh! 

So, we picked out our top mojoStores for the month you can shop on to enjoy your perfect weekend! 

What does your ideal weekend in look like? A luxury face mask, some snacks, some scented Lavender candles, and some hilarious comics to make you chortle at society? 

We have them all! 

Angam Luxury Ayurveda

First, we need our trustworthy red sandalwood face pack, and for this, we chose Angam Luxury Ayurveda. In fact, we recommend this for the boys too. Angam is a registered small business that uses only natural and organic ingredients in their products.  If you choose to pamper yourself this weekend, bask in some luxury and remember to go chemical-free. 

angam luxury product - instamojo online store for women

Fancy some nature-blessed products to rejuvenate your skin? Check out their store here 


This is for the girls who are fighting second-day cramps this weekend – we found something you need! Have you, like me, always struggled to find a sanitary product that does not ruin the environment? Something comfortable, eco-friendly and will not ‘bleed us dry’?

We recommend Boondh, an enterprise that aims to provide affordable and eco-friendly menstrual cups, all for a good cause! 

boondh instamojo online store for women

Over 355 million Indian women bleed every month – so can you imagine the wastage? Also, over 85% of women in rural areas do not have access to sanitary pads. Boondh is looking to change that – by educating Indian women (and men) everywhere about personal hygiene and providing them with affordable feminine hygiene products. 

Want to support a cause for women this weekend? Look them up here

Also, if you are tired of spending a bomb on pads, give Boondh a try! 

Eliora Scented Candles 

Did you know lavender can calm down any anxieties you have? Did you also know that Eliora wax candles use only vegetable wax and are, therefore, chemical-free, unlike factory produced candles?

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If you are looking to kick back and relax this weekend (which we highly recommend after dealing with the world), buy an Eliora candle. Got a headache? Take a peppermint candle. Got a cold? Try their eucalyptus candle. 

Eliora scented candles instamojo online store for women

Check out their store here

Knock your socks 

Listen, if you have a great pair of socks, you have half-won the battle against anything. Nothing feels better than a nice, comfy pair on your feet – and it’s a bonus if it looks amazing too.

knock your socks instamojo online store

Knock your socks is a small business and one of our favourite online stores for women that provides quirky, colourful socks that look like accessories for your feet. Comfortable, snug and the perfect weekend addition to your stay-in look. 

Buy them here.

Sanitary Panels

Remember when we said we’d guarantee you a good laugh this weekend too? We meant it. Women are tired of the patriarchy, of society telling us what we should keep doing with our bodies. So, if you are looking to let off some steam and laugh at patriarchy, sexism and the narrow-minded trolls who still roam the streets, check out Sanitary Panels.

Sanitary Panels is an Indian webcomic started by activist Rachita Taneja. The Feminist angle will get women chuckling out loud and saying “Yes, I relate!”

Read a Sanitary panels comic – we riot during the week.

Got a business idea? Get on Instamojo’s online store and start selling. Simple!


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