7 Work from home tools you need to boost your productivity

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(Last Updated On: May 6, 2022)

If you have been working from home since lockdown, you must be bored. The hustle and bustle of office space, going downstairs for a chai with team members to recoup and brainstorming ideas is now limited to Zoom or Google Meets.

Not that we are complaining too much. WE certainly do not miss the traffic!

Work from home or running a business from home can be challenging too. A Forbes study showed that over 93% of millennials face issues with productivity when they are not feeling the pressure of the office space.

To help you ace your productivity skills, we have compiled a toolkit (the only one you need) to help boost productivity and give you the work-life balance you need!

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7 Work from home tools to boost productivity

1. FocusBooster 

A simple, yet effective time tracking tool, Focusbooster, as its name suggest, helps you stay on track with your work.

The tool is ideal for freelancers, who have time-based projects. The app uses the famous ‘Pomodoro technique, a timer-based workflow to boost productivity for anyone working from home. It cuts out any distractions and also helps you keep a timesheet for each project.

focusbooster app instamojo

2. Trello

Simply put, this tool helps you keep track of different projects, deadlines and task assignments. If you need to keep up with your team or your own work, Trello is ideal.

You can create cards for every task, assign it to a person in your team and sort them to another category once the task is completed. It helps you stay organised and on track with your business.

Trello instamojo
A sample trello board

3. Todoist

Todoist is a task manager that I personally use for my daily work schedule. The app helps you get rid of any workplace clutter that gets on your nerves.

Before you sit down to answer calls, meetings or write your next article, type out your day’s tasks on Todolist. The app also works offline and allows you to share tasks.

todoist instamojo
Image credit: todoist

4. Hubbler.mobi 

Automation of tasks is a surefire way to get work streamlined and keep it one place. This is exactly what Hubbler.mobi does. Hubbler.mobi is a workflow automation tool that optimises business functions for your business.

The tool has a series of apps that helps businesses create apps to streamline work for different departments. You can pick and choose apps that suit your team’s workflows and modify them as per your team’s needs.

hubbler interface work from home tool
Image credit: hubbler.mobi

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5. Smartsheet

A daily work management system for companies to help keep track of your team. Smartsheet integrates with your business tools and apps that you’re already using, to help you generate daily reports on how much work you have been able to accomplish.

In a nutshell, it’s an easier way to organise work with an excel sheet.

Smartsheet tracker work from home tool instamojo
The Smartsheet dashboard

6. Asana

Asana takes care of the biggest problem every team faces when it comes to working from home – communication. Besides being your friendly task management tool, it also helps your team stay in sync with work assignments.

Much like Trello, Asana also helps you add links to documents and tag colleagues to review tasks and old meetings.

Asana Work from home tool
Image credit: Asana

7. Serene

Now that we covered so many productivity tools, imagine having them all into one app! A new app to the work from the home toolkit, Serene’s features include focus music, to-do lists, a daily planner, and even a phone silencer!

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the app is that it also blocks unnecessary distractions – like social media notifications! The app also allows you to work in ‘power sessions’ like a phone battery! After a specific time, you are reminded to take a break.


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