5 effective packaging tips from CEO of Printo + BONUS FREEBIES

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2023)

We had Manish Sharma, the CEO and Co-founder of Printo share important insights on packaging for DTC brands in our LIVE mojoSeries webinar!

In the age of eCommerce, DTC brands don’t have the luxury of providing experiences through their retail stores and have to depend on how they present their product to the consumer. This webinar explored the crucial role that packaging plays in building a ‘brand experience’.

Here are the 5 best takeaways from the conversation

1. Packaging as a strategy to build brand recall for DTC brands 

Packaging forms an essential part of a DTC brand’s online journey. Good, memorable packaging can help engage the customer. The customer may not remember the exact specifications of your product or remember how your homemade cake tasted, but they will remember if the box it came in was unique and vibrant in nature.

How you pack a product depends on your budget and your own aesthetic style, but it is important to remember a few points:

  1. Don’t change your look too often
  2. Have unique identifiers that consumers can associate with your brand
  3. Don’t go overboard with your designs and packaging

We remember certain soft drinks or certain electronic products purely because of a few unique identifiers.

“Association of ‘repeatability’ for a brand is so important as it registers in us subliminally.”

2. Use the value-minus model to incorporate packaging costs 

Remember, focusing on the packaging is NOT optional anymore. For a DTC brand to stand out, packaging needs to be given importance when deciding on product cost and profit margins.

If you have decided on selling a product, first determine the value that you would attach to the product according to its use case. For instance, jewellery would have a higher value than stationery.

Then, determine the maximum price that a maximum number of customers would be willing to pay for that product. Then work backwards to determine a target price.

Also, determine the profit margins that you would like to keep for the product. Ideally, if you are an independent online store owner, you should aim for 60% profit margins.

Once you have these three figures identified, you can then determine what percentage of your product cost should go into packaging.

3. Packaging for DTC brands does not have to be fancy or expensive 


It is not necessary to have flashy boxes that have expensive freebies. Brands can use effective packaging elements like custom packaging sleeves for as little as ₹112 for 25! Some affordable methods of personalising your product can be:

  1. Use inexpensive things like stickers, labels, branded packaging tapes to stand out
  2. Handwritten notes as inserts can add a personal touch to your product

Packaging for eCommrece brands

“Something as simple and affordable as vibrant stickers can help make your cardboard packaging box stand out.”

4. Develop your unique identity 

Creative ways of packing a product can help consumers differentiate between you and another DTC seller who sells the same product.

A successful DTC brand is a combination of quality product, customer experience and a brand story. For a customer to relate to your brand, and to emotionally connect to you, they need to know YOUR journey and YOUR vision.

There is plenty of mind-blowing creativity around us. There is no harm in getting inspired by them, even if they are your direct competition. But in the end, it is your brand that has to stand out on its own abilities.

packaging and eCOmmerce

The way you present your product to your consumer can speak volumes about who you want to be as a brand.

When you are building a brand it needs to have a core philosophy. You need to be your ‘own you.’

5. Think more about eco-friendly packaging for DTC brands

Today’s consumer is conscious about what they are consuming. They are aware not only of their own carbon footprint but also the footprint of the companies they interact with.

When planning packaging for DTC brands, it is important to see that it is environmentally conscious. From the ink used to the packaging material used, it is important to understand its long term repercussions.

Here are a few eco-friendly packaging tips to follow for DTC brands: 

  1. Don’t use unnecessarily large boxes
  2. Don’t go overboard on plastic usage
  3. Replace bubblewrap with eco-friendly options like corrugated paper sheets
  4. Use biodegradable packaging materials as much as possible
  5. Aim for packaging that the customer can re-use for other purposes (eg; Attractive tote bags)

eco-friendly packaging

The ability of the consumer to reuse your packaging for other purposes helps you build your brand recall value outside your original product’s use case. For eg; Attractive cloth bags that can be reused for shopping.

Watch the full webinar “Building a successful DTC brand using effective packaging” to  explore these strategies in detail 

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