5 Reasons you Need to Upskill as an Entrepreneur

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2020)

2020 has cost over 10 million Indians their jobs and many more businesses their earnings. But there’s a silver lining. The pandemic has also presented an opportunity to upskill and learn something new with online courses.

There are over 100 online course platforms out there, offering credible courses for you to upgrade your knowledge.

Why a pandemic is a right time to upskill?

Over 50% of India is now shifting to an entrepreneurial mindset, meaning they want to start a business and not let the economy affect them.

So, this would be the perfect time to upskill and know what you are up against in the world of business.

A huge pro with online courses is you can attend it anytime, anywhere. A pandemic has forced us to stay home, so why not use this time to upskill and learn the technical know-how of running your own business? The Business environment is more competitive than ever, so it wouldn’t hurt to add a skill here and there – with a certificate to prove it.

5 Benefits of Doing an Online Course

Entrepreneurs today are cautious when starting a business. It’s not enough to have an idea, you should also know the basic textbook terms to run your operations. Also:

Upskill For Zero to a Minimum Fee

A lot of online courses are free, and some charge a basic fee for you to gain a certificate. It might seem easy to register for an online course and acquire certification.

However, just like a classroom, it matters more when you attend the course to its completion. You can attend a few online courses and choose which one works best for you, without paying a huge exorbitant fee.

Study and work at the same time

No need to run to a classroom! All you need to do is turn on the online class, which is often a pre-recorded video and take down your notes. Online courses today have live case studies, a teacher using a whiteboard and even an assignment set afterwards.

Also, if you currently have a job, or are knee-deep in running a business, an online course does not interfere with your work hours. You can switch your online class on at any time without the tension of rushing to an exam hall at the end of the course.

Accelerates productivity

When you upskill with an online course for entrepreneurs specifically, you boost your productivity in your business. How?

Let’s say you cannot afford an accountant for your new business just yet, and instead spend hours pouring over books of accounts. An online course that helps you with basic accounting skills is a godsend in this situation.

Standout and relevant skills

Unlike a generic degree from a university, an online course degree will help boost your niche set of skills that are specifically needed for a job. Your online course will help you learn what tools, tips and strategies you need to know when you get the job you want.

Staying prepared

What happens when your accountant bails on you? Or when funds start to run out and you need to know the right way to approach an investor? It helps to know about GST before you have to actually generate invoices, claim an Input Tax Credit or file GST returns, doesn’t it?

Studying an online course and obtaining a certificate will help you stay prepared for anything that comes your way. The skills an entrepreneur needs are different from those simply looking for a job. If you wish to know what they are, let’s explain it with mojoVersity.

mojoVersity – An online course platform exclusively for entrepreneurs

We spoke about all the benefits without mentioning the platform that can make it happen. So, here it is!

mojoVersity is a first of its kind online course platform for Indian MSMEs and startups. If you have a business idea but are scared to start a business because you do not know what it entails, this FREE platform is the answer.

Plus, you receive a certificate at the end of every course. Let’s take a sneak peek at the different courses on mojoVersity.

MS Excel Analytics for Business Owners with WorkReady

Learn some of the best MS Excel tips, tricks, and shortcuts from mojoversity that can help you quickly extract key metrics for your business, especially if you’re using Tally. Most of these will work on Google Sheets too. Get started right away!

Email marketing basics for every business with Hubspot

If you are looking to send emails to your customers, we got some of the best email marketing tools from the mavericks in the game.

Basics of Accounting for Businesses with Profitbooks

if you start a business, you need to know the basics of accounting. This course teaches you about a chart of accounts, shows you how to determine profits and losses, and the key parameters to track the financial health of your business.

Legal and Compliance Matters Simplified for Startups & SMEs with LegalWiz

This online course is crafted by LegalWiz a leading business professional services provider in India, to help businesses get acquainted with expected day-to-day interaction with business law.

How to Grow Your Business Using Funnels with Domination Labs 

In this course, Arvindh from Domination Labs explains how you can get more leads for your online and e-commerce businesses; how to engage them and convert them into a paying customer.

Basics of GST for Businesses with ClearTax

This course will teach you all you need to know about what GST applies for your businesses goods and services. It will help you to file GST returns and understand the various slabs under GST.

Funding For Small Businesses with deAsra

In this course, you will discover if your business is funding ready, what are the documents you need to compile a funding report, and what funding schemes you can take advantage of as a small business.

mojoVersity is working towards adding new, advanced courses curated by industry experts. Register on mojoVersity to kickstart your business and learn on the job!


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