Paper Stationery Stores On Instamojo That Will Help You De-Stress This Weekend

Paper stationery Instamojo Stores
(Last Updated On: November 18, 2021)

The week, no, the year is getting tough to deal with. What helps us all at a time like this is some de-stressing activities like meditation or exercise.

And for the others who are like us, it is shopping online for some beautiful paper stationery.

This month, we picked our favourite paper stationery online stores on Instamojo. Check them out:

Just In Case

If you love keeping a To-Do list for every small task, we suggest this store. We are sure you have a lot on your plate right now, so why not write it down on a beautiful journal? Just In Case is a designer stationery brand selling beautiful planners, notepads and pens.

justincaseindia store Instamojo online store India

Check out justincaseindia online store here 

URVEE – Friends of Nature

When was the last time you bought a beautiful Handmade paper product made in India? URVEE (meaning Earth in Sanskrit) is a small charitable trust empowering women in India.

Urvee paper stationery Instamojo online store

They make use of traditional Indian handmade paper, produced from cotton rag waste. The paper saves over 300 eucalyptus trees and 460 bamboo trees that would have been cut down to make the paper.

Urvee instamojo online store

When you buy from URVEE, you contribute to a great venture and help generate jobs for underprivileged women. You also get to be the owner of a beautiful Indian made product.

Check out Urvee online store here

Bhava India

Imagine your favourite paper art, and then imagine it as a beautiful notebook, bag, calendar and Bhava India helps it come alive. A social enterprise, Bhava India also develops eco-friendly alternatives for daily use products such as toothbrush, pens, carry bags etc.

bhava india instamojo online store

The organisation’s Generation (Re) initiative encourages Indian brands and the pubic to opt for a sustainable route.

Check out bhava India products here 

Creative Crazy

There’s paper stationery you can buy for daily use, then there is stationery that is too beautiful and must be gifted. Creative Crazy sells beautiful notebooks, planners, gift cards and bundles for all occasions.

Creative Crazy products on Instamojo premium online store

Check out creative crazy store here


If you have a kid going to school, consider buying them a pencil they can also plant from Dopolgy. You will also find recycled paper notebooks made from seeds and pencils made from newspaper.

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Making ecofriendly books with seedpaper cover has been on our To-do list for too long. With 2 designs made and some sample products made, we had to put a pause on these green books for the prices and quality didn't seem to match up. Fast forward to today, we made these super cute 20 page notebooks for @santriptinature which have seedpaper cover and recycled ethical paper on the inside. We loved hustling for team Santripti and getting these books and seedpencils done. After a long time, we hustled soo much and loved every bit of it. Wishing @santriptinature the very best for their endeavor to bring organic fresh food and inspire people to adapt sustainable diet along with helping farmers. . . . . . P.S: we shall soon be adding these book on our catalogue too.😬 #sustainableproducts #seedpaper #ethicalpaper #recycled #notebooks #custommade #stationary #EcoFriendly #India #Bengaluru

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Check out dopolgy online store here

Do you want to start your own stationery store online? Read this blog post to get started on how to sell stationer products online.

The Instamojo premium online store

A pandemic lockdown is as good a time as any to set up your dream business online. The Instamojo premium online store comes with several features to help customers discover your business.  Here’s a quick tutorial video to help you set up your online store on Instamojo.


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