A conversation with the – now co-founder of Instamojo – Ankur Sharma

Ankur Sharma
(Last Updated On: July 19, 2022)

Ankur Sharma, the Chief Product Officer here at Instamojo was recently named a co-founder! As proud as we are, this was also an opportunity for us to have a 1-1 quick chat with him.

Let’s go!

Here are some of our favourite no-nonsense answers from the conversation.

On his role and responsibilities 

Q. What are your responsibilities as the Chief Product Officer?

Well, the three main would be –

  • Driving product strategy
  • Figuring out monetisation opportunities
  • Deciding our future product roadmap

Q. Numbers tell stories. How do you leverage that for product growth?

Understanding user behavioural segmentation is critical to driving product growth. We use data to profile our users into appropriate personas and understand their interaction with the product to figure out what product features would be most useful for which kind of persona.

Take a look at our Jamtara Experiment to understand how we data allowed us to improve our bottom line.

Q. How did analytics allow you to recognize emerging trends that led to Smart Pages and other key product features?

Smart Pages is a result of our understanding of the needs of small businesses around building an attractive online presence, in turn helping them to maximise their revenue opportunities.

We looked at the analytics of how and where users share payment links, what users sell online and what they do post-sale that helped us craft a one-of-its-kind product in the market today Smart Pages.

Instamojo Smart-Page

Here’s an article written by one of our product designers exploring how the Smart Pages product came to life.

His modus operandi 

Q. Could you tell us about one of your favourite features of Instamojo and how you went about conceptualising, building, and scaling it?

One of my favourite features is “Product Bundles” using which a user can bundle multiple products together and offer discounts on those.

We conceptualised this as an attractive and simple way to increase order value for the businesses, and it has been very well received.

product bundles on Instamojo

For this one feature alone, it’s worth upgrading to the premium plans of the online store, as we’ve seen it boost product sales considerably.

Q. What are some of your favourite growth marketing tools?

My go-to tools for growth marketing are:

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On being a leading member of Instamojo 

Q. What’s your vision for Instamojo?

Our vision is to be the primary eCommerce platform for every small business brand out there, powering all their eCommerce offerings, such as online websites and landing pages.

Q. What’s the best part about working at Instamojo?

The feeling of being a part of the journey of the entrepreneurs from every nook and corner of the country, all the way from the beginning of their journey and helping them become financially independent.

We pride ourselves on having helped 2 million small businesses and counting! Here are a few stories that we decided to bring to you to act as inspiration.

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