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Ai for business
(Last Updated On: March 27, 2023)

AI is the biggest tech buzzword at the moment.

With even niche businesses jumping on the AI hype train, it can be difficult to determine whether your business truly needs to implement this technology and which AI tool is right for you. There are so many emerging and powerful tools to choose from

In order to get you going in the right direction and help you make a more informed decision, here is a curated list of 10 powerful AI tools that can take your business to the next level. You’ll also learn the advantages AI can bring to the table and what aspects of your business AI can help with.

Why use AI tools for your business?

Ai has the potential to transform your business in different ways. Here are the major benefits of AI for your business:

  • Increase productivity: AI can automate manual and time-consuming tasks. You and your employees can focus on other business tasks which require more creativity.

  • Cost savings: Like any other tool, AI can help you save costs.

  • Competitive advantage: Leverage AI to stay ahead of trends, analyze your market and competitors, and take better business decisions.


ai for business

TimeHero is an Ai-powered time management tool that helps teams or individuals manage to-do lists, schedules, and projects. It has capabilities to remind you when certain tasks needs to be done. You can customize these preferences based on your tasks. If you have a team, this is a great tool to collaborate and manage different tasks.

Jasper is an advanced AI writing tool that can create high-quality product descriptions, ad copy, emails, landing pages, and social media posts. When given the right instructions, it can product content that has more human touch. You can ask it to write in a particular tone or complete a sentence or paragraph you’re writing. Try out this tool if you want to accelerate your content creation process.


InstaText is a tool that checks the accuracy of your content in terms of grammar and spelling — a great alternative to Grammarly.

The highlight of InstaText is that it preserves the brand voice/writer’s tone when making corrections. It can also re-write sentences, reframe paragraphs, and offer alternative ways to craft the content. This is a great tool to use when crafting business communications or marketing content.


Runway is an all-in-one AI-powered creator tool. By putting in prompts, you can generate images or videos and also edit it according to your imagination. Some of its functions include generating new videos out of existing ones, expanding images, and erasing things from videos with just a stroke.

Choose this tool if you want to edit your product images or videos. You can also use it to alter social media content creatively.


Fliki is an AI software that helps you create videos from text. This means you can give it instructions or input a blog post, which the tool will then convert it into a video. You can also add a realistic voice to the video to make it more interactive.

Fliki can be of great help when creating tutorial videos for marketing your product or when creating reels.


Chatfuel is an AI-enabled chatbot which can help automate FAQs and lead your website visitors to convert. In short, it’s a 24/7 customer service executive you will have on your online store. Chatfuel also offers integrations to tools like Calendly and Gmail.

Looking to add a chatbot to your eCommerce website? Try out Chatfuel if you want more than just a chatbot.


Similar to Chatfuel, MobileMonkey is an Ai-powered chatbot. It can be run across different platforms thus allowing brands to manage chat easily in one centralized place.

The major highlight of MobileMonkey is its social media autoresponder features. You can create custom responses for common customer queries you receive in DMs and send automated replies. InstaChamp is their chatbot specifically designed for Instagram business. is an ad testing platform. Running digital ads is a major investment and you want to make sure it works. Smartly helps you to plan, test, and launch paid ads. It integrates with social media platforms — Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

If you’re planning to run social media ads with a huge budget, try out this Ai tool to ensure they work to their full potential.


Brand24 is an AI social media monitoring tool. You can keep track of how your audience perceive your brand on social media—makes note of positive and negative feedback, analyzes conversations around your products, and study the market.

Brand24 is a great tool to use if you’re a growing business and want to build your brand. It helps you monitor and manage your brand reputation.


AI is all around us, helping businesses of all sizes and across industries. If you’re grappling with a problem your team just isn’t able to crack, an AI tool could prove the perfect remedy. Just be sure that you know what it can and cannot do so you can make a fully informed decision when selecting one for your needs.

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