Want to become a breakthrough D2C brand? 5 methods that worked for Blissclub

Become a breakthrough brand
(Last Updated On: April 25, 2023)

D2C has allowed innovation to thrive in India. In the last 5 years, whatever you thought was only a foreign brand, we now have an Indian counterpart. D2C has not only allowed innovation to thrive for entrepreneurs. It has expanded the experience and curiosity of Indian consumers to try something new.

In this glorious time, are you looking to become a breakthrough D2C online brand? Here are 5 pieces of advice from Soumen Samanta, the Chief Revenue Officer of Blissclub, India’s D2C largest activewear for women brand.

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Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost 

Meta and Google have been fundamental in reducing CAC for new-age digital brands. Because of these tech companies, and social media, D2C brands have the golden advantage of reaching customers faster.

These platforms also have provisions for targeted marketing. Using their performance marketing features, you can reach your ideal target audience in a much shorter window.

Those just starting their online business should leverage these social media platforms to increase their customer base at optimized costs.

Increase your Net Promoter Score 

Your net promoter score is how your brand is perceived in the world. As an entrepreneur, your key KPI to becoming a breakthrough brand should be to improve your NPS.

According to Soumen from Blissclub, there are two main strategies that you should adopt:

1. Keep watching out for the new unlock 

You may have started out as a very niche brand with a unique value proposition. However, now that you have a set of early-stage adopters, you should now try to offer MORE value to the same set of customers. Once a specific set of pain points has been solved, try to ensure that repeat customers have more to achieve by staying with your brand.

For example, the online store – Odd Trunk, started out by selling charms. Now their product range has expanded to Car charms, fridge magnets, and so many other things.

 2. How do you position yourself in the market? 

What do your customers see you as? Your brand offering and the user’s first vision of what they expect from you should stay consistent. This is why it is very important to have a brand story in place. Here is a short guide on building a consistent brand vision and narrative for your customers.

Marketplaces vs. your own website 

Marketplaces may allow you access to more sales and customers. But at the end of the day, if you are trying to build a brand, you are trying to create history. And that cannot happen in a marketplace.

Having your own eCommerce website shows people who buy from you that you are not just selling a product, but you are showing people who you are, what your brand stands for and the pride you have running your own business.

You may have lesser sales, but breakthrough D2C brand owners have an unparalleled sense of pride.

marketplace vs ecommerce store

If you need more reasons for choosing your own website, here is a comparison between selling on a marketplace vs. your own website.

Improve your distribution: Perfect that omnichannel strategy 

In India, even though eCommerce is galloping ahead. We have to realise that 70% of our population still prefers shopping offline.

As an eCommerce brand, opening physical stores is the next step in your business success journey.

However, in today’s time, you need to perfect ALL channels of distribution.

Imagine your store to be a large display board that establishes your brand credibility. You might not want to display your entire collection at your store and that is when your website will act as a salesperson!

Have you heard of showrooming? Well, its when someone browses through your physical store and then chooses to shop online from your eCommerce website so that they have a wider product range to choose from and can also have more benefits like discounts, product bundles, referral codes etc.


Even though it is difficult to replicate the immersive experience of an offline store, you can still come close with high-quality eCommerce photography, detailed product descriptions and an amazing user interface for the customer.


Build a community. Offline and online. Increases audience engagement and customer retention bringing down your CAC.

Learn from these brands

What are some D2C brands that Soumen is awed by?

Here are a few:

  1. The organic skincare brand: Mamaearth
  2. Consumer electronics brand: Noise
  3. Men’s innerwear: daMensch 

All these D2C brands offer user-first products, show high growth, have managed to optimise their CAC and have become breakthrough brands. They have implemented innovation and growth on a sustainable scale.

mama earth


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