What Game of Thrones house does your crisis management personality match? [Take the quiz]

Risk assessment personalities Game of Throne edition
(Last Updated On: January 20, 2024)

The world of entrepreneurs is a cut-throat world maybe not as cut-throat (literally sometimes) as in Game of Thrones. But there are undeniable similarities.

  • The race to reach the top?
  • Strategic decisions?
  • Competition and rivalry?
  • Mergers and acquisitions?
  • Navigating politics?

The list could go on. But today, we want to focus on one simple similarity – Crisis Management.

As a growing business, how do you deal with crisis? Take this quiz to see what Game of Thrones house you would be a perfect fit for based on how you respond to certain crisis situations! 

Discover your GOT house and see if you’re a true Stark, a cunning Lannister, a fierce Targaryen, or a mighty Baratheon.

The crisis management quiz 

It seems you may have experienced your initial challenges. If you haven’t yet, here is a short guide on how to prepare yourself for your first entrepreneurial crisis.

However, if you haven’t yet, how can you prepare yourself for it?

To assist you in this, we’ve developed a comprehensive quiz that perfectly combines information, creativity, and engagement!

In the intricate Game of Thrones, Westeros serves as the epicentre of power struggles. Similarly, in the vast landscape of business, crisis management becomes your strategic ally, guiding you through uncertainties.

The crisis management quiz

So what house do you align with the Houses of Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, or Baratheon? And as you answer these questions recognize the parallels between mastering risks and conquering the challenges of your eCommerce journey.

All you have to do is jot down the options (a, b, c, d) that truly fit your business style!

Keep track and let’s see where your choices take you!

Question 1: How often do you conduct security audits on your eCommerce platform?

a) Annually

b) Semi-annually

c) Quarterly

d) Monthly

Pro tip: With a 36% increase in unique malware last year, it’s crucial to conduct regular scans—consider scheduling them monthly or even weekly.

Question 2: How frequently do you update your privacy policy and terms of service?

a) Every 6 months

b) Every year

c) Every 2 years

d) Rarely

Pro tip: According to Termly, it’s recommended to review your privacy policy at least annually to ensure it accurately represents your current data processing activities.

Question 3: How do you handle customer data breaches?

a) Notify affected customers immediately

b) Investigate before notifying

c) Notify only if legally required

d) Ignore and hope for the best

Pro tip: For effective cyber risk reduction, allocate 7% to 20% of your IT budget to cybersecurity, varying based on risk exposure, potential breach costs, and overall budget.

Question 4: How diversified is your payment gateway selection?

a) Single payment gateway

b) Two payment gateways

c) Multiple payment gateways

d) No payment gateway

Related read: How to add a payment gateway to your website: The easiest way

As stated by Webinar Care, the global payment gateway market is anticipated to witness a compound annual growth rate of 22.1% between 2024 and 2030, with an expected value of USD 132.24 billion by the year 2030.

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Question 5: How do you handle third-party integrations with your eCommerce platform?

a) Rigorous security checks

b) Limited integration partners

c) No specific checks

d) No third-party integrations 

Question 6: How do you handle customer complaints regarding privacy concerns?

a) Investigate and address promptly

b) Investigate but take time to address

c) Ignore unless legally required

d) Ignore completely

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Question 7: How would your brand respond to economic downturns?

a) Cut costs, and optimize operations

b) Diversify product offerings

c) Strengthen customer loyalty

d) Explore new markets

Question 8: How prepared is your brand for supply chain disruptions?

a) Maintain multiple suppliers

b) Invest in inventory management

c) Establish alternative sources

d) Collaborate with third-party software for visibility

Question 9: How does your brand stay competitive?

a) Regular market analysis

b) Differentiate with unique features

c) Enhance customer experience

d) Monitor and adapt

Question 10: How does your brand address regulatory challenges?

a) All of the below

b) Stay informed on regulations

c) Collaborate with legal experts

d) Implement data security measures 

Question 11: In a crisis where you have fewer resources, how do you prioritise and allocate them?

a) All of the below

b) Focus resources on critical business functions

c) Explore partnerships or collaborations for shared resources

d) Monitor resource usage and adjust allocations as needed

The risk assessment score for your eCommerce business

Congrats on taking the quiz! Just a heads up, as we start crunching the numbers, remember the quiz is more about getting you to reflect on your business choice than just a score.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • A’s of 25 points,
  • B’s of 20 points,
  • C’s of 10 points,
  • D’s of 5 points.

Now, tally it up and bring out what your risk assessment score has to say about you!

Your crisis management score and house personality 

If you scored 155 or more, you belong to the House of Stark 

House of Stark

Entrepreneurs who scored 155 or more belong to the illustrious House of Stark. Much like the Starks of Winterfell, you prioritize security and protection. 

You exhibit a strong sense of leadership, adhering to a code of honour and taking a proactive approach to challenges. 

Connected to the scenario of the motto “Winter is Coming,” you are also prepared for the eCommerce landscape’s unpredictable nature, ensuring your ventures’ safety and stability.

If you scored between 100-155, you belong to the House of Lannisters

House of Lannisters

Entrepreneurs scoring between 100-155 find themselves aligned with the House of Lannisters. Drawing parallels with the wealthy and strategic Lannisters, you understand the delicate balance between risk and reward. 

With strong business acumen and adaptability, you navigate the complexities of the eCommerce business, leveraging the resources strategically. 

Much like the Lannisters’ ability to pay their debts, you manage risks with financial intelligence.

If you scored between 50-100, you belong to the House of Targaryen

House of Targaryen

For entrepreneurs scoring between 50-100, your allegiance lies with the visionary House of Targaryen. 

Similar to the Targaryens’ ambitious pursuit of greatness, you have a forward-thinking approach. 

You willingly comprehend change, seeing challenges as opportunities for growth. With resilience and a determination to overcome adversity, you carve a path toward success in the ever-evolving world of eCommerce.

If you scored between 5-50, you belong to the House of Baratheon

House of Baratheon

Entrepreneurs scoring between 5-50 find themselves aligned with the steadfast House of Baratheon. Much like the Baratheons’ strength and resilience, you take a traditional and straightforward approach to business. 

You prioritize stability and practicality, focusing on the fundamentals that ensure the longevity of your ventures. In the face of challenges, you stand firm, drawing strength from a foundation built on solid business principles.

Which one are you? Snap a screenshot, share your results, and make sure to tag us. Let’s find out who’s representing the Starks, Lannisters, Targaryen, and Baratheon!

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