From abandoned to converted: How emails can reclaim lost sales

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2023)

Abandoned carts are heartbreaking. We know. So much sales potential is just lost!

But, hold on! You can still recover some of these sales by re-targeting these customers who abandoned their purchase journey with effective email campaigns. 

Email marketing remains a powerful form of re-targeting with a conversion rate as high as 10%!

Want to know more about how abandoned cart emails can be your saving grace? Read on.

What is an abandoned cart?

Say, you are buying clothes in a mall. The sales rep gives you a basket to put all the clothes that you want to try and buy in. You select a few clothes, try them but don’t buy them. You just leave the basket and walk out.

We bet that’s happened quite a few times. That basket you left right there is an abandoned basket.

When a customer adds a product(s) with the intention to purchase but drops the purchase or doesn’t complete the purchase – that is an abandoned cart.

Want to learn about more strategies that can help you with your abandonment cart recovery strategy? Read our blog. 

Abandoned cart emails as a strategy for recovering lost sales 

Did you know cart abandonment emails have a 39.07% open rate and a 23.33% click-through rate? Which makes emails a very effective tool for recovering abandoned carts. Why do emails work this well? Because:

1. Personalization

Emails can be tailored to individual customers, addressing them by name and featuring the specific items they left in their carts. This personal touch can make customers feel valued and encourage them to revisit their abandoned carts.

2. Timely reminders

You can send automated emails shortly after a customer abandons their cart, reminding them of the items they were interested in while the purchase decision is still fresh in their minds.

3. Incentives

Abandoned cart emails can include special offers, discounts, or free shipping to motivate customers to complete their purchases.

A well-timed incentive can be the push a customer needs to go back and finalize their transaction.

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4. Ease of return 

Including a direct link to the abandoned cart makes it easy for customers to return and complete the checkout process. The simpler it is for customers to pick up where they left off, the more likely they are to finish their purchase.

5. Opportunity for feedback

Recovery emails can also serve as a platform to ask customers why they abandoned their carts, allowing businesses to gain valuable insights into areas that need improvement.

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6. Building relationships

By sending helpful and engaging emails, you can foster a positive relationship with your customers, increasing the likelihood of future purchases and brand loyalty.

Now that you know WHY email campaigns work amazingly! Here are some examples to show you how creative some brands have been with their email templates.

Abandonment cart email examples

Using an effective email marketing strategy to get customers to complete their purchases is a business’ go-to strategy.

A good cart abandonment email doesn’t just remind the customer of his/her abandoned purchase but also evokes a strong sense of urgency, and emotional need to go back and make that purchase.

Here are a few examples of how some big online stores do it:

1. Myntra makes it easy to order directly from the email itself. 

2. Getting emotional!

3. Happily Unmarried is giving you a discount. 


4. BookMyShow wants you too!

5. Look at this beautiful aesthetic eye-catching design by Nasty Gal 

Cart abandoned

6. We also have quirky abandoned cart emails for you –  

abandoned cart email
Casual content


7. To send a great functional email, you need to use a great subject line. Here’s an example from Postergully 


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